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May 17, 2007 07:30 PM

Where can I find clamcakes like I had at Rocky Pt as a kid?

I am from Michigan, but have fond childhood memories of the delicious clamcakes and chowder I enjoyed on a trip to Rocky Point for a delicious Shore Dinner? At least that is what I think they were called when I visited in the 60's.
Any recommendations as to where I could find similar in Boston or the New England area?

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  1. A popular place for clam cakes in Warwick (about a mile from where Rocky Point was located) at a popular place called Iggies:

    You can find them at just about every other water front restaurant in Narragansett and Newport, RI.

    1. Many places. George's or Champlain's in Galilee, RI; Aunt Carrie's in Point Judith/Scarborough; Flo's in Island Park/Portsmouth; Evelyn's in Tiverton. I will be doing a post on clamcakes (and one on chowder, too) sometime soon. This is a RI thing; you will not find them in Boston.