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May 17, 2007 07:20 PM

Unusual wines - basil wine, jalapeno wine, coffee wine, etc

Has anyone made or tried a wine out of some less usual ingrediant and how was it?

This site mentions all the above and some other wines like peapod wine, carrot wine, banana wine, tea wine and tomato wine ... to pair with that basil wine?

For Thanksgiving there's always cranberry wine and pumpkin wine

The cranberry wine is supposed to be good. I've never had any really wild flavor, but for the most part it seems that wine out of anything but grapes is often cloying.

Well, at least it is one more option the next time the question comes up ... what do I do with all this basil?

This site has all those different wine ideas. Some of them are in this link

Some standouts ...

A few recipes for your drinking pleasure .. everything from apple wine thru zucchini wine ... lilac wine or lavendar wine sound lovely at least ... leek wine or lettuce wine ... not so much

Some visitors to the site submitted recipes like rutabaga wine and chanterelle mushuroom wine

Wild herb wines like nettle and red clover wine

This link on the site has wines using plants common in Texas like cactus flower wine

234 flowers suitable for wine ... apricot petals, gardenia, kudzu, queen ann's lace, sunflowers, violets, wisteria, etc

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  1. Closest that I have come has been strawberry wine (Pontcatoula Strawberry Festival), and pineapple wine (Mau`i). Both were nice for the location and occasion, but not something that I'd likely buy to drink at the house.

    In AZ, we have a locally brewed jalapeño beer, that is a nice departure. I have found that one should drink it young, as the pepper really builds - this ain't no bottle-aged brew!


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      Albuquerque, New Mexico-very first place in the United States that planted grape vines (interestingly enough).

      Went wine tasting there while visiting my parents (why not?? Been to Napa, Sonoma, and most other CA notable wine making cities) and came across Anderson Valley Vineyards and a Red Chile Cabernet. SPICY!! And I do mean spicy. Almost like shaking red pepper flakes directly on your tongue and then chasing it with a dry cabernet. Apparently the wine is aged with red chiles in the barrel. WHOA...was all I could muster. The gal pouring instructed us to take a bite out of a very yummy and creamy chocolate truffle after swirling the wine in our mouths. A very sensual taste. Completely understood the combination of spice and chocolate after that.

      1. re: cocktailqueen77

        Oh yeah, completely forgot about New Mexico Green Cactus Wine!! Never tried it but it is a unusual light green color. I don't know if I could get past the color to taste it...hmmmm....

        1. re: cocktailqueen77

          Along your lines, some of the pastry chefs in The Valley [PHX] do several versions of this (the chocolate with chilies, not the wine) and the tastes are sublime!

          We've not done the NM wine country, but have enjoyed many a Gruet sparkler, and had some interesting wines from the Navajo Dam area. However, I think that the offerings in Navajo Dam were from CA-sourced fruit, until their vineyards came on line. Been too many years, and no TNs to refer to.

          Heck, we still have not done the AZ wine country, though I do drink a fair amount of Kent Callaghan's wines.

          Thanks for the notes,

          1. re: Bill Hunt

            We did venture over to Gruet, very impressive sparkling wines and an interesting history as well. You would never guess that it is a winery-it's a big white building nestled in between the freeway and an RV sales lot. I have (happily) noticed that Gruet has become quite popular here in CA as well.

            Hmmm...I can't think of other "flavored" wines, except maybe Mead (sp?). Very sweet and syrupy. I was at a gathering that featured a booth pouring it and curiosity got the best of me. I think the flavors were watermelon, pineapple, and some other things. Way to sweet for me.

            1. re: cocktailqueen77

              Yes, we noticed it on Michael Mina's and Restaurant Gary Danko, SF, on our last trip over. Nice wines, and glad to see some "regional" wines making it to the big time. Now, if only some of the best AZ wines would make it to something, besides the Whitehouse!

              When this thread started, most of my recollections were more oriented to mead, than wine.


      2. I had some pineapple wine in Hawaii a couple months ago. To me, it tasted like pineapple juice without the sweetness. Not very complex and I prefer the sugar to the alcohol.