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May 17, 2007 07:19 PM

What is the best eating in Quincy Market?

Looking for opinions as to the best food in Quincy Market. Especially fond of seafood, Italian and ice cream.

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  1. Beard Papa, if you can get a fresh one.

    1. The taste of gyro I had from Steve's makes me want to suggest them but it was only a taste. People like the raw bar there.

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        I actually love Steve's gyros, I usually get them from their Newbury st. location, but the one in Quincy Market is similair. They use good fresh pita, which is key, as it's soft and doesn't break when folded around the meat. The meat is not cut off the gyro log to order at this location sadly, but does appear to be the real thing (i.e., I suspect it does come from said log, but is precut for speeds sake and re-heated on the griddle).

      2. I try to avoid Quincy Market at all costs, and generally succeed. Most of its options are the kind of awful casual-dining chains and food court stalls you'd expect to find at a mid-level mall, which is what it is. It also features some bad pub food.

        Of the chain outlets, I'd say Houston's is probably the least offensive. I haven't been to the McCormick & Schmick's there, but its Park Square location is a good-not-great seafood place (it's Seattle's answer to Legal Sea Foods), with occasional deals on raw oysters.

        Durgin-Park is one exception: a touristy but worthwhile destination. It does classic Yankee cooking with a few Colonial-era dishes in a very casual atmosphere (communal tables). It's a local institution, kind of kitschy, but pretty good, especially on very traditional dishes: prime rib, pot roast, Indian pudding.

        List of outlets here: Good luck!

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          I dont know if I'm just crazy, or what, but I've never had anything but a satisfying meal at McCormick's. I think it's about ten times better than legal. The soft shell crab, when they have it, is terrific.

          1. re: tamerlanenj

            I agree. M&S is quite acceptable to me. Not great, but pretty good.

          2. re: MC Slim JB

            I agree. If I have to go, I choose DP. In the past I had some decent eats at Kingfish Hall but my last experience there was eh squared.

          3. Since I work nearby, I have tried to ferret out the better places -

            Houston's food is actually quite good and frankly, I think the bunker of a space has been done up just about as cool as possible. Their mixed drinks are pricey, but large, and they use fresh ingredients for the citrus-y ones. Greyhounds with good, fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, for example.

            McCormick and Schmick's is fine - stick with the raw bar items.

            Ned Devine's is a bar/restaurant at the far end of the Quincy Market building - their lunch fare is decent.

            As far as the food booths, I like Jen Lai's chinese food. There is a Thai place across the aisle that does a fine Americanized pad thai.

            In the historical Faneuil Hall building, try Red Barn Roasters - the best coffee in greater Boston in my opinion.

            Avoid the strip of bars nearby to Quincy Market (Purple Shamrock, Hennessey's, etc.) for food, with the possible exception of the Marshall House. For some reason, the lunch food there has been decent.

            1. If you like Italian, it's worth the 5-minute walk across the Greenway to the North End.

              Not sure about ice cream...

              For seafood, definitely McCormick & Schmick's.

              Most of the places within Quincy Market are pretty average, IMO. Whenever I go, I tend to stick with pizza at Regina's, though going to the one in the North End is admittedly a much better option.