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May 17, 2007 07:12 PM

Where can I find clamcakes like I had at Rocky Pt as a kid?

As I stated before I am from Michigan, but have fond childhood memories of the delicious clamcakes and chowder I enjoyed on a trip to Rocky Point for a delicious Shore Dinner? At least that is what I think they were called when I visited in the 60's.
Any recommendations as to where I could find similar in Boston or the New England area?

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  1. Probably better to repost this on the New England board, you'll get more replies. But Aunt Carries in Point Judith in Narragansett, RI has great clamcakes. Also, Iggy's Doughboys and Chowderhouse also in Pt. Judith has very good ones.

    Now you have me thinking about clamcakes. And I miss Rocky Point.

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      i think the ones at iggy's are more akin to the old rocky point clamcakes than aunt carrie's--though i like both versions. down point judith way the ones at george's of galilee are worth a try as well.

      and a brief aside for those who fondly remember rocky point in its heyday. here's a great page with lots of pix from the old stomping grounds:

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        Woodman's has them. Somewhere else in MA that I just posted about on the NE board but can't remember. As we discussed, it'd be nice if clamcakes actually had clams in them.

        1. re: Joanie

          Aunt Carries definitely have big chunks of clam in them. Sometimes a bit of shell too. Oops.
          I haven't tried Iggy's but they have a loyal following.

          I also have had very good and "clammy" clamcakes at Quitos in Bristol, RI and the Sandpiper (?) just down the road.

          IMHO George's of Galilee has unbelievably horrible food and service, but a strong tourist following. I've had better luck up the street at Champlin's, but I also know this is a heated debates subject. YMMV in this case. ;-)

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            i've never had anything at george's beyond take out clam cakes, so i can't comment beyond those. but i thought their version was fine, though i'd put aunt carrie's (my #1) and iggy's (my #2) above them.

            but you're right, this is def. a subject where individual tastes make a big difference. reasonable people seem to disagree a lot on who has the best.

      2. I mentioned this in the "guilty pleasures" post, but Tony's Clam Shack on Wollaston beach has great clam fritters.

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          I was going to say Tonys, but when I drove by yesterday I noticed that they already closed for the season. Really early this year. Wow after I posted I realized how old this thread is. In any event people may like to know they closed early.

        2. Oh, man! VERY fond memories indeed. A link to make your own here: tons of other links on the drop down if you are from RI

          It is such a shame that Rocky Point is becoming condos...

          In short, you won't get the type of clamcakes you remember anywhere outside of RI. I agree, that it is worth a post on the NE board. My favorite is Iggy's (Warwick (the original!) and Naragansett locations) When I'm in the east bay and jonesing for some Clam Cakes, I also stop at Flo's in Middletown, RI on the way back from Newport.

          Some more good Rocky Poiny nostalgia here:

          1. Hey I grew up in RI and went to Rocky PT Park until it closed in '95. I loved The Shore Dinner Hall . Boy those Clam Cakes and Chowder ! Now I live in NC and miss the flavor's RI. sea food. So I went up online and found the original recipes. So I make them in my home. They do taste so much like I remembered.So I suggest you try to make them . My family love's them.

            1. Clam cakes are more of a Rhode Island thing than Massachusetts. A couple of places I've had them lately: Jack's Family Restaurant in Warren, RI (just okay on a menu with much better dishes, like fried smelts, spaghetti with spicy lobster/clam/squid sauce, pork and clams, clams casino, steamers), and George's of Galilee (excellent, full of clam flavor).

              I've heard Iggy's in Warwick does really good ones, too, but I have not been.