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May 17, 2007 06:41 PM

Summer Restaurant Week 2007

Does anyone know when this will be this June? Is it usually the third and fourth weeks of June? Also, any suggestions as to where to try to get a reservation ie. which restaurants are worth trying ?

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  1. Actually last year it was in July:
    Monday July 10 thru Friday July 14 2006
    Monday July 17 thru Friday July 21 2006
    Keep checking the website: for announcement.
    Also many restaurants continue the menu until labor day.
    While RW has it's pros and cons- so far I've had only positive experiences. Dined at Gramercy Tavern( customers given RW menu with many choices-very popular so best to reserve online via , Eleven Madison, River Cafe,and Mesa Grill (which was suprisingly good for Winter RW- it doesn't always get great reviews from other Chow diners)