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Vancouver Suggestions

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Hey there --

Heading to Vancouver for some R&R with my girlfriend, who also happens to be celebrating her birthday next week.

Any suggestions for a memorable meal -- one that combines both amazing food and atmosphere without leaving you feeling like you've just been mugged and robbed? In other words, if it's pricey - it should feel like it was WORTH the cost.

Also, looking for some great suggestions for other meals - everything from interesting breakfasts to cool cafes and great, foodie-only spots.

Thanks very much.

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  1. There is a Belgian restaurant -- can't remember the name. Wonderful food -- best frites I've ever had. I don't remember that Vancouver had more than one Belgian restaurant.

    Also, Vij's for upscale Indian food like you've never had. Expect a wait of at least an hour 7 nights a week.

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      CHambar is what you are thinking of.
      And I just heard that the owners also got ahold of the space next door and are going to open a waffle house or something to be open only during the day :)
      I also LOVE Chambar.
      Fuel on 4th near Burrard in Kits is a good CH spot

    2. Lumiere...Parkside...Feenies... cool cafe for breakfast- Fratelli bakery on Commercial.

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        Feenie's is too casual for what you're wanting. Lumiere is the most expensive meal you'll pay for in Vancouver. Parkside would be ideal for a birthday meal.

      2. Rare restaurant is fantastic - service and food was wonderful - they really make you feel welcome. I also like Il Gardinio for its Tuscan feel and good food. C restaurant has great seafood, but the service wasn't up to par with other restaurants (altho sometimes its just the luck of the draw... and i happen to be unlucky).

        1. parkside!!!! i was there a couple weeks ago and although not inexpensive, i don't mind spending my money there - great cocktails, great wine, great food and great service.

          absolutely worth the money.

          i've heard too many stories of people leaving lumiere starving and broke....

          1. West is the site of the single most expensive meal in my life. And it was worth every single penny and then some. Awesome room, A+ staff, amazing food. We've been 3 times in all. Each meal was totally wonderful with nary a misstep. Their early bird prix fixe will allow you to choose from a limited set off the main menu at a reduced price. We did that one visit as we had my mother-in-law with us and wanted to economize. Only the price was reduced...everything else was primo.

            1. Thanks so much for all of the suggestions.

              We decided on Chambar for the birthday night out and had a FANTASTIC experience. Great cocktails, amazing food and excellent service. Top notch room with a great view.

              We also had a great experience at Bin 941 on Davie Street in the Downtown area.

              Loved loved loved the hot Poutine at Fritz. Really.
              She's Irish, I'm American. Neither of us had ever eaten ANYTHING quite like it.
              Great Saturday night post cocktail snackage.

              The Granville Public Market was actually one of our favorite spots... we hit it three different times and ate very, very well from a number of vendors there.

              Vancouver is a total foodie town.

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                Sounds like you had a great time, which is not hard to do in such a great town.

                If you're like us, you will return. Start saving so you can experience West. I have...