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I want good cheap food! In Tucson

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I will be in tucson in june I was wondering were are all the good cheap places to eat. I will be staying off of S Tucson by the airport will to travel about 20 min. thanks

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  1. Cheap and south: Poca Cosa; Cup Cafe, Willow Cafe, El Charro, Mi Nidito, Feast. For more info, search "Tucson" on this board and read all the latest threads.

    1. My favorite cheap eats in town:

      Pat's Chili Dogs
      Lucky Wishbone

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        Make sure to pack the Pepto if you stop by Lucky Wishbone (http://www.luckywishbone.com/), but you got to love those fried steak fingers.

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          Yeah... I should probably have included a warning that everything except the napkins and plasticware is deep-fried at Lucky Wishbone. But still... cheap, tasty eats.

      2. Cheap places...

        Taqueria Pico de Gallo if Mi Nidito has too long a line which it usually does.

        B-Line Cafe on 4th Avenue for lunch

        Frank's for diner-type breakfast (Blue Willow Cafe also great for breakfast)

        Ali Baba's on Speedway for Middle Eastern food.

        1. I want good cheap food! In Tucson


          Hometown Buffet or Golden Coral buffet. Wholesome food, all you can eat. If you like Mexican food, Micha's on south 4th Av in South Tucson.

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            Look for Mi Nadito's a family run Mex restaurant with great food

          2. Lerua's on Broadway...and get the green corn tamales!