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May 17, 2007 05:47 PM

Help -- in Phoenix May 18 to May 22nd -- need recs

Coming to Phoenix tomorrow for a conference. We're staying at the Sheraton Cresent Hotel on West Dunlap. Any dinner recommendations in the area? We will have a car so doesn't need to be walking distance. I've never been to Phoenix, so suggestions for good, local original fare would be great!

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  1. Thanks for specifying your location. A lot of visitors fail to do that. There's little right near the hotel, although there is a good place for Japanese called Mr. Sushi one mile south of the hotel at 1-17 and Northern Ave. For the most part, you'll want to drive east and south. Nearby neighborhoods include North Central Phoenix and Sunnyslope. NCP is home to some good neighborhood restaurants. Sierra Bonita Grill has a Southwestern theme and menu. Marcellino is outstanding Italian food.

    Sunnyslope is a more modest neighborhood but features a solid, unpretentious Mexican restaurant called El Bravo on 7th St. There are also reported to be some Oaxacan restaurants in Sunnyslope, although I've not visited any of them yet.

    If you are willing to drive a bit more to the southeast, you then have access to the Camelback Corridor and the Biltmore area, with numerous other possibilities:

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      You can walk to the Art Institue of Phoenix. They have a Culinary Program and offer a nice lunch and dinner @ the Gallery Restaurant for a reasonable price.....
      I would call to see if they are in between sessions......and reservations are recommended.
      Call 602-678-4300.
      It's a fun experience!

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        To clarify, Mr. Sushi changed its name to Akaihana, which is reflected in its signage.

      2. Normally I don't get as far west as that, but Richardson's is pretty close (about 7 miles). Bethany Home Rd. and 16th St., NW corner. They serve up excellent southwest (New Mexico style) food. It definitely fits your "local original".

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          I would hit Richardson's unless you will have younger kids in tow. It's not kid friendly. I can't tell by the OP's question as to who "We" is.

          Don't forget Fry Bread House. It's closed on Sunday, so you should visit on Saturday for lunch or dinner. It's not far at all - 7th Ave/N of Indian School, which is about a 10 minute drive.

          Eh, the freeways are going to be a mess. Not a fun time to be visiting a new city.