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May 17, 2007 05:43 PM

Summer abroad in Rome - restaurant help!

Do you have any good suggestions for restaurants on a student budget? I'm going to Rome for 5 weeks at AUR and would love some ideas. Also - I have no italian language experience. Menu items WITHOUT anchovies suggestions would be wonderful!

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  1. It's a very good sign that you've come here to prepare yourself in this important way for the wonderful experience of some weeks in Rome. The temptation will be to eat pizza all the time, but I'm sure you'll resist (though do have it in moderation). I don't know the cheap places because I cook at home, but I can tell you that you should get used to buying bread, prosciutto, cheese, tuna, fresh tomatoes (and basil), mozzarella, and the like and have panini for lunch, perhaps in one of the beautiful villas found all around Rome. Villa Sciarra is right across the street from AUR and Villa Doria Pamphili is about ten minutes walk away, and the Garibaldi park atop the Janiculum Hill is even nearer. When you see where you're living, find a modest trattoria and develop a relationship by going two or three times in close succession and asking questions. Somebody will probably speak English, but you should study some terms and make a modest effort. There are some places around the Gianicolo and certainly in Trastevere, but you may be living elsewhere.

    As for the anchovies, (1) the main anchovy dish, puntarelle con la salsa, is not available in summer anyway, (2) just don't ask for pizza napoletana, which, on the Roman pizza menu has anchovies, and (3) get over it. With very few exceptions, such as the two I mention, anchovies are in the background providing more salt than fish. Fried zucchini flowers usually have a little anchovy at the bottom, but it's delicious and a good place to start training your tastebuds.

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      Thank you so much mbfant. I have an apartment with a kitchen so cooking is am ust. I will take all your suggestions with me. I really appreciate it!

    2. mbfant is totally right about the anchovies (and everything else). for (3) especially -- if i had an artichoke for every person i know who's come to Italy and been ambivalent about anchovies, and then found (particularly in Rome) that they actually *like* them -- well, i'd have a lot of artickokes.

      either way, for menu help, they're called "acciughe" (pronounced ah-choo-gay) or "alice" (ah-lee-chay).