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May 17, 2007 05:23 PM

Phx : Farmers Market at Vincent - last day 5/19

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder that the farmers market at vincent's last day is saturday. they close for the summer every summer..

if you haven't been, its less about farm fresh veg than it is about prepared and package foods. personal fav's : the crepes *savory in particular* and panini cooked my vincents sons. the award winning mustard sold buy the mustard guy *grog and glogg and the irish honey mustard in particular*, and the olive people *the provencal mix is heaven*, as well as the pastry/desserts you can take away....

and - fresh coffee, oj, and wines by the glass - you can even get champers for a mimosa!!

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  1. I've heard about this before, but never been. It sounds nice. It's the one on Camelback near 40th, right?

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      yup, thats it. parking is a bit sparse, the rest is great!!

    2. The panini there are fantastic. I remember when his son was younger and worked the crepe griddle right next to Vincent making the panini. Now he's older and running the panini station. It's a great place for brunch on Saturday and a lot of fun. Only one stall of fresh veggies, but we always found the greens to be very fresh, and the prices aren't bad. I might have to stop by this Saturday. Thanks for the reminder.