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May 17, 2007 05:22 PM

Craving good beef in Hollywood/West Hollywood

Any ideas for dinner tonight?
Anything from a great burrito to a filet but not too pricey...
Thanks so much

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  1. If you like Cuban food "El Floridita" is an excellent choice! Also, Thursday nights are a good night to go if you're trying to save a few bucks -- they lower their prices on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays (nights when there's no Entertainment). They have some amazing beef dishes. Everything there is great and Entrees should all be under 15 bucks.....worth every penny!

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    1. re: KaceyLaine

      Thanks for the great recommendation Kacey,
      I really like El Floradita, for the food and the dancing.
      I didn't know they decreased the prices during the week!
      However, the date isn't in the mood for Cuban tonight, so another night.

    2. You could have a pug burger at Hungry Cat or a Bowery Burger at Bowery.
      Maybe carne asada at Tere's or bbq shredded beef tacos at Lucy's el Adobe?
      Not in Hollywood but not too far away there is Taylor's in K-town for a good steak.

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      1. re: bodie

        Thanks for all the great suggestions bodie! :)
        The date wants carne asada so we are going to try Tere's for the first time.
        I am very excited, it sounds good.
        I will post our experience,

      2. I know it's too late, but for next time, check out Carlitos Gardel, the Argentinian place on Melrose around Crescent Heights. For lunch, they have unbelievable steak sandwiches, and for dinner, much bigger pieces of beef. Delicious, and great service.