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May 17, 2007 05:17 PM

Best margaritas in Toronto?

I'm a Baltimore chowhound who will be in Toronto all next week for a conference. I'm wondering if you all have a good place to get margaritas? Maybe a place with decent food as well, although we have lots of ideas for dinners (you guys have some great threads on here for tourists, thanks!). We'll be staying at the Drake and at the convention center a lot, so anywhere in between or on public transportation would be fine!

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  1. - Milagro has an entire tequila menu, which would seem promising.
    - And it's right near the convention centre, so it's easy access.
    - I haven't actually tried this place yet, but I just read about the aforementioned tequila menu, so Milagro just moved up on my summer cocktailing list.
    - (apps/bar snackies look interesting too).

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    1. re: Rabbit

      Johnny Banana at Queen/Bathurst has great margaritas - fresh lime not fake bar lime mix. The food here is good too.
      Jalapenos at King/Tecumseth usually good - although last time I was there they seemed light on the tequila.
      Margaritas on Baldwin are good too.

      1. re: thebutcher

        I second Johnny Banana - The bar is a bit slow but margarita was amazing. So fresh and just the right amount of booze. The mojito was killer too.

    2. Though i haven't been for a year or so now, La Hacienda at Queen and Tecumseh (about a 15 minute walk east of the Drake) had awesome super fresh margs, and they have a covered patio out back which is nice when its warm. Soon you'll be able to plan a little bit of a marg-crawl if you work it right! good luck

      1. Personal fav is Hernando's Hideaway on Yonge just south of Wellesly. Perhaps not high end marg's, but boy they sure are tasty. Friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Nice staff.

        1. Try a caipirinha at Caju, east of the Drake by 4-5 blocks. It's like a Brazilian margarita and highly addictive. I have any limes?

          1. I agree with butcher. You should try Johny Banana on Queen & Bathurst, they have amazing cocktails specially their margaritas and mojitos. Try the tamarind or hibiscus margarita.