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May 17, 2007 05:04 PM

Szechuan hot pot

I was watching "No Reservations" the other night and Anthony Bourdain was in China. He went to a Szechuan hot pot restaurant that was identical to shabu shabu but with oil and chilis. It looked really good since i love spicy food. I live in Irvine, are there any restaurants around that serve that type of cuisine?

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  1. Dunno any in Irvine, but in SGV try Mon Land Hot Pot.

    251 W. Bencamp St., #C
    San Gabriel

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      mon land is tops. little sheep (the one at atlantic & garvey in deerfield plaza) is right up there as well. avoid the one on the 3rd floor of the san gabriel hilton, but if you're there, you might as well go to mon land across the street.

    2. I second Little Sheep, but it's more Mongolian hot pot with herbs.

      For Szechuan hot pot, you should go to Lu Gee next to Yung Ho for the Taiwanese spicy version.

      1. I second Little Sheep on Atlantic Blvd. for hot pot, but it's more Mongolian hot pot.

        For the Szechuan version you saw, you might want to go to Lu Gee next to Yung Ho on Valley Blvd. for the spicy hot pot.

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          Little sheep has different broths, you can choose a more spicy one..


          1. re: Dommy

            Went to Little Fat Sheep (the one on Atlantic) on Mother's Day and had a great meal. They clearly started out as a Mongolian style place, but they seem to be trying to add the Szechuan style as well.

            One cool note: for non-meat eaters, Little Fat Sheep is willing to give you a water-broth. Although it sounds bland, all of those herbs make a fine broth, especially if one eats fish and orders a bunch of the fish/seafood-based dishes.

            We did a half/half of the water broth and a milder chicken broth (FIL/MIL don't like too much spice). I thought it was all pretty mild - none of the fire I had at a Szechuan Huo Guo place in Beijing. And that was completely fine with me since the broth was absolutely flavorful.

            Also, if you do go, everyone around us seemed to be getting the chrysanthemum (listed as tong ho on the menu), so we did too. It was seriously yummy, as long as it didn't cook down into mush - although when it got to be mush I am sure it added a lot to the broth.

            1. re: Dommy

              Yes - love the spicy broth at Little Sheep but as all the chilis and spices bubble away it gets progressively hotter. We've remedied these by ordering half spicy and half not (comes with a divider making it look like a yin and yang sign) and ladle from the not spicy into the spicy as the meal progresses. Prefer the Hacienda Heights location, but the San Gabriel one is not bad.

              1. re: TracyS

                Yes, we do the SAME thing. :)


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                  Did the Little Sheep in Hacienda Heights move? I thought the one on Azusa and Colima was closed.

                  1. re: kaoticgrl

                    Yes, the one in Hacienda Heights is gone. The only two I know of in L.A. is the one on Atlantic Blvd (Little Fat Sheep) and the one on Valley Blvd in the Hilton Plaza (Little Sheep). If you read the reviews, the one on Atlantic in Deerfield Plaza is much preferred.

                    1. re: WHills

                      you know i always wondered about that. one is fat and one is not. are they even related? the atlantic one is indeed much better.

            2. Going to have to try Mon Land Hot Pot, because I have always wanted to try Sichuan Hot Pot, and my ex was from Sichuan, and her favorite place has closed. If you just want to try some amazing (if oily) Sichuan food, you have to try Yingui Garden at 301 N. Garfield Ave in Monteray Park. It is fantastic.

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              1. re: jonahlee

                any Mongolian or Szechuan hot pot spots in the SFV or hollywood? thanks. sounds great

              2. So is the concensus there in no place in Orange County?