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May 17, 2007 04:55 PM

Bittmans How to cook everything!

I just started a post about the best recipes in the world- I also got this book and I would love to know your tried and trues from this one! :)

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  1. I cook out of this book all the time! The cream scones are to die for. I make plain ones and use them for strawberry shortcake. Seriously, people swoon.

    The lamb curry is a great basic curry dish that has a lot of flavor but isn't too spicy.

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      Seconding the cream scones!
      I love this book for sheer reference -- more of a "holy cow, how do I prepare this ingredient? How do I make a..." type book than an inspiring recipe type book.

    2. I haven't made a lot out of this book, but really loved his chocolate ice cream. Lots of egg yolks.

      1. I have been following his column in the NYTimes for years and can always depend on his recipes. I have tried recipes from his previous cookbooks and they are consistently easy to make and very tasty.

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          ohhh i just got some nice lamb yesterday.... Im thinking lam curry...! :)

        2. I've had this book for a while. To tell you the truth, I haven't made anything yet. Nothing sounds too interesting, especially when I have a zillion other cookbooks. I'm really interested to see what others recommend in terms of your tried and trues.

          1. I tend to use it a lot for vegetables. If I buy a vegetable at the store and am not sure what to do with it, MB always has good suggestions (as well as basic instructions about how to clean, prepare, and store). One of my favorites is the sauteed cucumber with lemon. He also has a terrific ratatouille recipe. Other recipes I really like are:

            Chilled cucumber soup
            Orzo risotto
            Penne Arrabiatta
            Cheese Souffle
            Sunday morning eggs (my favorite egg prep ever)

            I tend not to use the cookbook much for meats, but followed his instructions for a prime rib roast a few years ago on NYE and it was fabulous. He also has this Scandinavian mustard sauce (not sure what it is called) that I always make to serve with cold pached salmon.

            One of the best things about the book are his suggested menus at the end, and his really extensive list of cookbooks (how many cookbook authors will refer you to somebody else's books?).

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              Thank you so much- That is exactly what i was looking for- I look forward to trying these out- :)