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May 17, 2007 04:54 PM

S.F. Restaurants and Bars - Bachelorette Party

It's been ages since I've hung out in the city (now that I live in LA-LA-Land), and I'm looking for some good recommendations for an evening out to a nice bistro for dinner (not too expensive...maybe $20 a plate) and some nice bars/clubs to go to afterwards. I would like to move from laid-back to swank to dancing as the night progresses.

We'll likely be staying in the Union Square, Embarcadero, North Beach area - walking and cabbing it as we go.

Any thoughts and recommendations?


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    Penepachamama has gotten some good reviews on this site. It's a dinner show/cabaret with a Latin theme (Peruvian, I think). Sorry, I haven't had the chance to check it out but from what I read it might fit the bill for at least part of your evening. It's in the North Beach area. The wine bar Amelie on Polk also gets good write-ups. For my bach. party three years ago we started at the bar/lounge at the Phoenix Hotel (Bambudda Lounge) for appetizers and drinks (you can lie around on big beds) and then moved on to the late cabaret show at the Plush Room at the York Hotel (I checked their website and I don't know if they still do the midnight show), but if so, check it out--was a blast. Kind of a burlesque thing, naughty in a tongue-in-cheek sense. Good luck and have fun!

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      Yeah, I posted about Penapachamama and while I think it is a great place for something like a birthday, I wouldn't recommend it for a girl's night out. It is a little on the cozy romantic side and the food while good isn't close to the best the city has to offer.

      Frankly, I'd skip North Beach and focus on SOMA

      Swank ... 4 seasons for cocktails ... ONLY cocktails ... the food is only adequate. Or the bar at Michael Minna at the St. Francis

      Maybe oysters and wine at Hog Island at the Ferry Building.

      Coco500 for small plates and then cabbing around SOMA for some clubbing.

    2. Chicks night out in North Beach? Cafe Jacqueline. Souffles for everyone! Might be over the price limit however. About drinks, I have no idea...Washington Sq Bar and Grill seems a bit stuffy? Perhaps Piperade.

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        i LOVE cafe jacqueline... but i don't think that would be good for a bach party... only because it's very quaint and i would think you would want a lively crowd...

        i would stick to someplace fun that has small plates... maybe zebulon, thirsty bear, cha cha cha's (some folks don't like the food as much, but i thought it was okay.. and it's a fun crowd...) there is also azie which is pretty good... there's also frisson which has good small plates... i call it an austin powers vibe.. they have a unisex bathroom downstairs.. hahahaha

        anyway, as for clubs, depending on your age range, the popular spots right now are Crash, polang lounge (sp?), bubble lounge, slide... i frequently travel back and forth from no, cal and so. cal.. as you prolly remember, the club scene changes here, but not as frequently as in la, where hot spots change every 3-6 months =) make sure to go the club websites and talk to the group managers.... they may be able to accomdate you even if you don't get a table since you are a bach party.. and well, ladies are always welcome =) make sure if you email them, that any confirmation emails that you receive you print them out and bring them with you to the club 'cause sometimes they conveniently don't have your confirmation, and if you have the email, well, they argue with that... (which i may add, i remember clubbing WITHOUT all the table nonsense) you may be abloe to do a skip the line but still pay half off or something, which is worth it... *** edit crash is in the union square area***

        181 (the old pollyesther's) has gone down in my opinion... younger crowd and kinda too hyphy for me... maybe i just got older...

        HAVE FUN =)

      2. Laid back to swank to dancing - Belden place for dinner (B44 or Plouf) and then head on to Vessel for drinks and dancing?

        1. Mecca is really good for this type of thing. Close enough to the Mission to go there before or after. Double Dutch is supposedly really fun and good for dancing.

          1. Go to Cortez. The Redwood Room, Swig and Ruby Skye are all within a block and a half.