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May 17, 2007 04:53 PM

Afternoon Tea (LA) - Baby Shower?

Can you recommend a restaurant for afternoon Tea Baby Shower , on the Westside or LA? Hoping for comfortable seating, beautiful surroundings, and yummy food! About 10-15 women.

1) Bel Air?
2) Four Seasons BH?
3) Jin Patisserie? (seating may not be too comfortable?)
4) didn't care for Tudor House or Paddington before
5) Ritz in Pasadena - too far
6) Huntington Library - too far, too crowded
7) Ritz MDR - okay but I don't care for the indoor room/outside area too much

I haven't been to the dining rooms of Regency, Beverly Hills Hotel, Jin Patisserie etc before.

many thanks!!

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  1. It would be a step down from those restaurants but, 26 Beach has a lovely garden and wonderful brunch menu, pour a few mimosas and forgetaboutit!


    1. The Bel Air Hotel is always a good choice for this kind of affair. It's just so lovely....and the food is very good.
      I also like Chez Mimi. There are several spaces to choose from, including an outside patio.

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      1. I believe Chado Tea has a Westside location. I had my bridal shower at the Pasadena one, and we all loved it. The owners, Devi and Reena -know- their tea, and the food they serve is meant to enhance the tea, not detract from it. If you check the internet, the address should come up. If you look at the menu posted, and the really expansive tea-list..I think you might like what they have.

        I'll be happy to let you know what teas i've drunk from Chado, and what I personally love from them. Plus!! If you like it, they sell per ounce their tea. Well worth it, to me.

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        1. re: Honeychan

          They are located on 3rd street near La Cienega


        2. i love the biltmore hotel in downtown. the architecture is really beautiful and the teas are delish, as well as the yummy food they serve.

          1. What I liked about the Peninsula is they have private rooms. I pressume they charge extra for their use but they are lovely. I don't know the cost but a bridal shower was thrown there for me for about 20 people and it was fantastic.

            As far at the big hotel teas in terms of food, I found the Ritz in Pasadena, the Four Seasons BH and the Biltmore to be disappointing. I like the tea/sandwiches etc best at the Regent Beverly Wilshire.

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            1. re: Muhlyssa

              I also found the Four Seasons BH to be very disappointing. The Hotel Bel Air had a wonderful tea in a lovely setting, either indoors or out on their patio.

              1. re: Muhlyssa

                I would second the Peninsula- private rooms and yummy food.