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May 17, 2007 04:38 PM

In Disney Land, any romantic places to dine...?

planning a trip to LA w/gf and revisiting DL since 1990, really looking forward to the trip.
wanting to know of any nice restaurants to dine, cool places to eat or check out, and most importantly a real romantic restaurant to spend some quality time w/gf. thanks,

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  1. re romantic: In the park, only the Blue Bayou fits the bill.

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    1. re: ozzygee

      The Blue Bayou, ask for a water side table, and be sure to make your reservation at least three months in advance. Yes, I said THREE MONTHS.

      1. re: spankbot

        That's a little dramatic. A month should be fine. And they are open from early lunch through to dinner, so you could always go around 2 or 3 pm. Don't expect too much from the food and stay away from the pork chop. It's always dark inside, anyways, and it's nice to be cool during the hottest part of the day. The patio at the adjacent restaurant is also nice. (Is that French Marketplace?).

        If you are going Fri-Sunday, over in California Adventure, the Vineyard Room is very nice, has good food and they serve wine. Dinner only. And if the Avalon Cove bar is open, it's nice for drinks and appetizers at sunset (also Fri-Sunday although maybe open more days as we get into summer) .

        1. re: mlgb

          I've made my reservation a week in advance and got a table. And that was just this past fall.

    2. Blue Bayou is fun. The food is okay, don't go in with high expectations. You can't beat the ambiance. Make sure you make reservations at Disney Dining at (714) 781-DINE, or you won't get in.

      Napa Rose is the best restaurant in the DL resort.

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      1. re: septocaine_queen

        Yes, definitely make a reservation to have dinner there. The earlier in advance, the better. Plus, you can make reservations for two to have dessert on the balcony of the Disney Art Gallery (in the French Quarter) during the Fantasmic river show and firework spectacular. I believe you can also make reservations through Disney Dining as well.

        If you want to do something in Downtown Disney, I recommend Brennan's Jazz Kitchen. Great Nawlins food there.

        1. re: theboatmanscall

          I don't find Club 33 really romantic, it's kind of old-school stuffy.

          1. re: mlgb

            and isn't it a buffet? there's nothing romantic about a buffet.

            1. re: dtud

              It's not a buffet at dinner, only at lunch.

        2. Are you specifically looking for restaurants in Disneyland, or are Disney's Californa Adventure and Downtown Disney an option? If it's only Disneyland, Blue Bayou is the way to go, and it's really for the atmosphere, not the food (don't be fooled by the mint juleps by the way, no alcohol is served in Disneyland, so it's a lot of mint and no julep if you no what I mean.) If you are going to DCA, the Vineyard room has good food, and they serve wine, it's one of Disney's "fine dining" options. Keep in mind, it is ALL terrace seating, so if it's chilly out, you'll be bummed. But it's is romantic. Napa Rose (in the Grand Californian Hotel) is the best dining option in the resort area. I ate there once, and wouldn't consider eating there if it weren't at Disney, the food is nowhere near as good as most chowhoundish LA restaurants. But it's far superior to other restaurants in the complex. It's not especially romantic, the room is just too big, and there are a lot of kids (duh). Most of the restaurants in Downtown Disney are Patina Group restaurants, none rock my world. Uva and Catal are decent, with typical Patina lackluster service. I don't care for Brennan's, which serves "New Orleans" food, I found it under spiced, no kick to it. I would say Catal is the most romantic, but again, compared to places outside of Disney, not romantic at all.

          The person who suggested the viewing of Fantasmic from the Disney Gallery hit the nail on the head. That will be romantic (Fire, Lights, Music, Mickey...all from the best vantage point with yummy deserts) but it will set you back at least $40 pp, and that you DO have to make reservations for far in advance. (trust me on this...there's only about 40 seats and thousands of first thing on the first day they take reservation for your preferred date.) I think they only take reservations 60 days in advance. Note: you don't call Disney Dining, there's a separate number. Call Disney info and they can give it to you. Call in advance!!

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          1. re: writergirl

            A very insightful post, but I differ on the Napa Rose take. I have found it very romantic on several visits over the past few years. The kids are a real put off, but are usually not that distracting. And I think you are overestimating most LA Restaurants. Not that many are that much better than the Rose. Unless, of course, you're talking $100 per or are into specific ethnicities.

            1. re: Griller141

              Definitely like Napa Rose... a lot.
              Also, the patio at Catal has a nice romantic sense to it, almost Tuscan if you ask me.
              If you venture off of the park domain, try Mr. Stox.

              1. re: Emme

                I also really liked Napa Rose. All three of us loved the food, though one of us found it loud (not me). I might not call it "romantic" but it was pleasant, with very friendly waitstaff and a nice, light-filled interior. All of the courses were beyond satisfying. Definitely my favorite place in the Disney empire. Incidentally, kids also seemed to be enjoying themselves.

                1. re: Emme

                  have to agree with Emme on all three options. just remember to get that hand stamped....

                  Napa Rose is nice b/c of the resort setting. Love the Craftsman style architechture inside the lobby.
                  Catal is easily accessible if you are strolling thru Downtown Disney
                  Mr. Stox is old school classy, but nice for Anaheim.

                2. re: Griller141

                  I seem to remember spending about $100 pp at Napa Rose, but that includes wine. I actually don't think NR is bad, but it just didn't live up to the hype for me. My husband saw my post and said he thought NR was romantic...but I pointed out the OP was looking for a place to take his girlfriend, so I was thinking the romance bar is higher than for us married folks.

              2. Since you haven't been since 1990, definitely include a visit to Cal Adventure. The "Golden State/" Wine Country "land" is sort of romantic, and the Aladdin theatrical show has a romantic spin to it ( A Whole New WOoooorrrllld).

                So as to make this a food related post, DCA does serve alcohol, unlike Disneyland proper. There is wine service including a wine bar near the Vineyard Room (recommended), a beer truck near the Pacific Wharf, and margaritas and a full bar at Avalon Cove. Definitely pass on the premixed margaritas at Rit'a's Baja Blenders.

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                1. re: mlgb

                  I am not sure if it is still there (I last went about 2 years ago), but I thought the restaurant in "Wine Country" was the BEST VALUE at Disney. We adults had a sit-down lunch in an air conditioned, quiet cafe for less that $10. The waiters on all three of our visits were friendly and the food was surprisingly good. I remember pasta, salads, and sandwiches. Note that the price for eating here was no more than the lunches at the self-serve places around the park! A hidden gem.