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Chewy chocolate cookie...any recipes?

went to a bakery in the marina district, and discovered a very tasty and chewy chocolate cookie, just wondering how to duplicate that cookie at home, anyone have any suggestions for a cookie recipe that is tasty and chewy? thanks,

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  1. Not sure if a Chocolate Brownie Cookie is the same as a Chewy Chocolate Cookie but I'll offer you this gem from epicurious for Chocolate Brownie Cookies, really delightful and we found them to be quite chewy (and Gramercy Tavern recipes NEVER disappoint, from my experience!)...here's the link:


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      I have to agree---these cookies /brownies are fantastic!

    2. I love these chocolate snowflake cookies from the Washington Post. The recipe and method are unusual but I was surprised at how chewy and chocolatey they are. I made them without nuts. They're really pretty, too.


      1. Stars Desserts chocolate chip cookie recipe-- made with a lot of brown sugar, light and dark, I think. The first day it is crispy but it gets chewy and delicious. I suppose if you are looking for a chocolate cookie, not chocolate chip, look at the sugar.

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          Have always thought that homemade chocolate chip cookies are better the next day when they get chewy!

        2. I made Fudgy-Wudgy Cookies, and they were very chewy as they are made with condensed milk. I will try to find the recipe, but I think it was on a scrap of paper that long ago disappeared. Perhaps someone else has heard of it?

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            wow anything with condensed milk is sure to be good for my palate! if you find this recipe, please post it! :)

          2. If you want chewy choc chips than use melted butter instead of soft butter.

            1. My go-to for chewy is Alton Brown's recipe for them from Good Eats. He did "puffy", "thin" and "chewy." We like them all.

              The keys for getting chewy versus crispy seem to be the amount of brown sugar and egg yolks in the recipe. The chewy is entirely brown sugar and no white sugar and has an egg yolk in addition to the one egg in the crispy recipe. One of the cool things about these three recipes is that once you've looked at them (and especially made them) you can play with the ratios to dial in just the level of chewy versus crispy versus puffy that you like.

              1. Baker's brand chocolate has a good recipe on the back of their box for chocolate cookies--I believe they are on the semi-sweet box. You can find this is any baking aisle of most grocery stores. I made them and they taste like brownie cookies. Next time I'm going to add some white chocolate chips I think.