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May 17, 2007 04:10 PM

Las Vegas Buffets, 2007

Hi, LA CH here to visit LV soon. I did a search on buffets in Las Vegas, and planned on going to ALADDIN'S SPICE MARKET BUFFET, but read elsewhere that after it was purchased by Planet Hollywood, it's gone a bit downhill. Is this true?

I'm a bit lost since my other choices (Bellagio & Paris) have also gone down in quality according to this board.

All I need is one buffet...just one. Everything else has been planned. It's been years since I've done buffet, so I'm at a lost of what's good NOW. Shall I go to RIO or MAKINO?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I agree w/you on some of those places going downhill. I used to go to Rio & Bellagio
    but my favorite is still Cravings at the Mirage. They have the usual international fare like other buffets, I just think the food here is better. A little secret if you do go, in the asian section, they serve roasted pork and peking duck. You have to ask for it. It's not laid out like all the other food.

    1. The reports for the Aladdin going downhill was during the remodel. The last couple of reports for after they've moved into the permanent space indicated that its gone back up. Unfortunately I never made it there this past March trip to verify. Although some friends tried it and said it seemed like nothing had changed. Caveat is that these friends aren't hard core hounds. My last time at that buffet was last year with same group of friends and it wasn't bad for the price. But even at its best, I thought it was inconsistent. The middle eastern station with the lamb and chicken was good, the mexican was bad. Seafood was hit or miss.

      Here's a link to a relatively recent discussion after the move with opinions from long respected posters.

      Makino's is good as of my last visit in October but its still AYCE sushi with its attendant pluses and minuses.

      I haven't seen anything good about Rio in a long time.

      1. The Wynn has a very nice buffet. It is in a beautiful location. They will grill your king crab legs for you. Their dessert section is very nice. I remember selections of gelato, candy apples, crepes, creme brulee, etc.

        The Cravings buffet is good for Chinese food, but the other stuff is subpar. Their dessert section is lacking. unless you like cookies and dry cake.

        Bellagio is good for breakfast and if you go on the weekdays, it is a good value. At dinner it is okay nothing super special.

        Paris buffet has gone down. It was really great in the past.

        I vote for the Wynn.

        1. i still need to try cravings and spice market post planet hollywood....i think wynn and bellagio are both great values it amazes me when i see people question the cost of some of these places ( granted, the brunch prices are excessive ) - but i paid less than $30 at both wynn and bellagio and for crying out loud, how many restaurants in either location can you get food and beverage for that price ? very, very difficult ( and that includes the coffee shops ! )! and then to consider all the options you have in the's a no brainer !!

          avoid so and i like makino but it's somewhat "one-dimensional"....variety is the spice of life !!!

          and the other food places you have planned ?!?!

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          1. re: kjs

            We're there for two nights; one night was going to be Rosemary's (which has been on top of my list forever), but I couldn't get a reservation. We'll eat in for b'fast. Since I get to choose the buffet (which count as two meals), Mr OCAnn gets to choose the other meals. He prefers cheap & nostalgic: casino hot dogs & steak.

            In the past, we've tried are the off-strip casino buffets which were good, solid and rea$onable, but not too memorable. My most memorable meals were at Lotus of Siam & Nobu.

            1. re: OCAnn

              Did you consider eating at the bar at Rosemary's? The last couple of times we also couldn't get reservations. We didn't mind the more casual setup and had a great time at the bar. The two bartenders are absolutely excellent and the service was just as good. In fact I felt there was more attentiveness since the bartender was always nearby and could see what we needed.

              The bartenders were so good to us, we ended up calling the manager over just to compliment them. And a big tip both times of course. Verbal doesn't pay the bills.

              1. re: Jase

                Thanks for the 411; didn't know Rosemary's had a bar. We'll keep this in mind. =)

                1. re: OCAnn

                  I can second the bar at Rosemary's - the first time we went, we didn't have a reservation (on purpose) and figured we'd eat at the bar if we couldn't get a table which we couldn't. We loved chatting with the bartender, the food was the same and the service was great.

              2. re: OCAnn

                nostalgia = casino hot dogs and steak ....that's funny !! so it's circus circus or golden steer for the steak and slots of fun for the hot dog ??? peppermill for breakfast ? i would think you have to throw in a few shrimp cocktails for nostalgia sake !!! enjoy your trip. hope you'll report back on your trip and rosemary's is worth the visit - bar seating or not

                1. re: kjs

                  I had to check w/Mr OCAnn re where the hot dog & b'fast were. And yes, ding ding ding, it's SLOTS OF FUN & PEPPERMILL! He can't recall the steak place, but he said it was cheap steak & eggs @ midnight. Perhaps you two are chow-brothers?

                  I *really* want to hit Rosemary's...but not sure if we can fit it in. =(

            2. My vote would probably be for the Bellagio. The ones I've visited the most are Aladdin's, Bellagio and the Wynn. I'll admit I haven't been to Cravings or the Rio and I haven't been to the Spice Market since the most recent change-over. But I've been to the Bellagio and the Wynn several times recently and while I was intrigued by the newness of the Wynn, I think I prefer the Bellagio. As I've mentioned on CH before, the Wynn started out really strong but seems to have made some cost cutbacks that made it more on a level playing field with Bellagio and it's quite a bit more expensive. Plus, the Bellagio has a few more choices than the Wynn and I prefer their desserts.

              I think you'd be happy with either one.

              I've only been to the Paris for breakfast--it is good, but I just can't eat enough for breakfast to make a buffet worthwhile.

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              1. re: sarahvagaca

                My Rankings:

                1) Bellagio - Easily #1 for me. Best all around for $$$ particularly if you like seafood. I think the King Crab legs and chilean sea bass are worth the price of dinner alone.
                2) Tie - Alladin: Huge Selection, not that impressed with dessert selection though
                Rio: My new favorite place for brunch
                3) Wynn: A few spectacular items, but lots of average items. Not worth it IMHO considering the cost.