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May 17, 2007 04:06 PM

Amma Vegetarian Kitchen

I visited D.C. recently and had the pleasure of eating at Amma Vegetarian Kitchen in Georgetown; it was the best Indian food I've had in a long time!! You go up some stairs and enter a small-ish room, and wonder whether you're in the right place, but once you see the menu and then when you've been served your food, you realize that this is *definitely* it! The service was fast and cordial, portions were generous, and all of the prices were very reasonable - averaging around $9 for dinner, if I remember correctly. I recommend the samosa, parippu vada, any of the dosai, the vegetable korma, and the puri. Yum!!

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  1. "Down-home" Indian, relaxing, yummy, friendly ... I love it!

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    1. re: wayne keyser

      Been a regular since I came to Georgetown for college more than three years ago. Friendly, fast service and some of the best south indian I have ever had. Great dosai and other staples like aloo mutter, chana masala, etc. Haven't had a dull dish yet. Everything is vegetarian and most of it is vegan (though do speak up - they will happily cook the dosas in oil instead of ghee for instance if you ask).

      1. re: Cocinero Cubano

        I don't have the exact address, but it's on M near the Key bridge.

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          North side of M street between Potomac and 33rd sts. Upstairs. Good place.

        2. I think they have a location in Vienna, VA as well.

          1. I used to work in Georgetown, and Amma was a regular lunchtime treat. Cheap, and excellent food. Now that I live in Baltimore, I miss their food -- especially the thing on the menu that was listed as "cutlet". No other description -- just "cutlet". Loved that thing, whatever it was. Oh and the creamed spinach....divine, especially on a cold depressing winter day.