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May 17, 2007 03:19 PM

Marlow and Sons: On the Decline???

So I just came back to nyc and went to Marlow and Sons. Granted my oysters and the house white (Grüner Veltliner) were delicious but I was rather disappointed with everything else. The menu was generally unexciting and more expensive than I remembered. Asparagus were over-cooked, crustini were blah. I loved this place when it opened and even came back after leaving the neighborhood for the happy hour or for a late night meal. Sadly--the happy hour no longer exists and I was unimpressed with everything we ordered that actually required cooking.
Did I catch it on a bad night?

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  1. Sadly I think that's about right. Loss of happy hours is a killer. (I asked when it happened and apparently their old oyster purveyor went kaput and they could no longer afford the happy hour price. At least that was the company line.)

    They've raised prices by 10-20% across the board.

    The food's still better than average but doesn't seem as exceptional as it used to be.

    Marlow remains a neighborhood resource, and more pleasant than most places -- but a year ago it was a perfect restaurant in its way, and it's no longer that.

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      Sorry to hear of the decline. I'm not at all suprised to hear of them raising the prices though...someone has to pay for all the restaurants they are opening. I say hooray for them! Diner has been a rock steady source of decent food since it's inception...can't say so much for Bonita but keeping the pace of a nieghborhood with such growth isn't easy and I'd rather pay the price and insure longevity than be faced with another franchise!!!