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May 17, 2007 02:59 PM

Summer food places


I want to visit the US food places that are absolutely completely associated with a particular summer travel destination. It's not that it is so much about the quality of the food, but about the chance to eat at really iconic food places.

Here are a list of some of the places I am thinking of including as an idea of what I am looking for:

Miami: Wolfie's Rascal House

New York, Coney Island: Nathan's
New York, Tavern on the Green

SF, Fisherman's Wharf: Alioto's

Please share your favorites from around the world...



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  1. Philadelphia: South Philly....Pats for a cheesesteak maybe try Genos (down the street)just to compare.
    Atlantic City New Jersey..walk the boardwalk (boards) get some salt water taffy (@ James )
    then go to the White House(Arctic Ave ??) for a hoagie also Do try their cheesesteaks. the best IMO Mmmmm

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      just realized I need to mention something in Cal to keep this right.... How about trying a fish taco here in San Diego