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May 17, 2007 02:56 PM

Best Summer Iconic Food Places?


I want to visit the US food places that are absolutely completely associated with a particular summer travel destination. It's not that it is so much about the quality of the food, but about the chance to eat at really iconic food places.

Here are a list of some of the places I am thinking of including as an idea of what I am looking for:

Miami: Wolfie's Rascal House

New York, Coney Island: Nathan's
New York, Tavern on the Green

SF, Fisherman's Wharf: Alioto's

Please share your favorites from around the world...



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  1. For Washington DC, I'd say Ben's Chili Bowl firstly. Second I'd say Old Ebbitt Grill which is so very DC and has had many a political repartee over the many years. And because you said summer, I'm going to go out there and say the roof terrace at the Hotel Washington because you overlook all that IS iconic about DC: the monuments. For OK drinks and not for the food, it's breathtaking.

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      And just because it would have been near the top of my list were it not for the fire, Market Lunch at Eastern Market in the Capitol Hill area. The bluebucks (blueberry buckwheat pancakes) are iconic and the place beloved. I've met folks from far and wide while waiting in the inevitable line at Market Lunch. Eastern Market was severely damaged by fire 3 weeks ago, and the vendors will be temporarily housed in a transitional structure nearby. It may not be up and running by the time you visit unfortunately. Just thought you should know about it for completeness.

    2. I would add Faidley's in Baltimore for crabcakes and if you happen to be in Philadelphia, the Reading Terminal Market. Though Philadelphia is known for their cheesesteaks, several Philly hounds pointed me to DaNics in the RTM for a pork sandwich. Amazing.

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        Steamed blue crabs at Cantler's in Annapolis, MD.

      2. The Old Angler's Inn in Potomac, MD, a scenic car trip from DC has a beautiful patio, and a chef making his return to the kitchen he once worked at.

        1. the carnegie deli---nyc
          reds eats---wiscasset,me
          clam shack---kennbunkport,me
          rutt's hut,clifton,nj
          pinks(hot dogs),la,ca
          joe's stone crabs,miami
          thrasher's french fries,boardwalk,ocean city,md
          the lobster pound,ogunquit beach,me

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          1. re: salad man

            Salad Man:

            This is the most awesome list. Thank you for your help! Sam

            1. re: sierraandi

              glad to be of afterthought; the whitehouse (the italian cold cut special) in atlantic city

              totonnos pizza--coney island

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                Regarding Joe's, stone crab claws aren't available during the summer. I think their season in mid-October to mid-May.

          2. Tadich Gril - San Francisco - the oldest restaurant in town w/really great food and atmosphere