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student on the loose in city. cheap reccomends?

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Im in town for 3 nights, and probally doing it big one night, town hall or somthing along those lines. And also so Yank Sings for dim sum. Any good rec's. for some cheap end good food that I cant get down in OC/LB. any dinner/lunch spots any nationality as long as its good and not too expensive.
Somthing like 10-20$ for dinners and 10$ for lunch.


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      1. re: Euonymous

        Orange County / Long Beach ... what are the most type of restaurants in that area?


        What days will you be here? A week-end visit might get different recs than weekday.

        1. re: rworange

          yank sing is not cheap!!! cheapest good dim sum i have found that i really like is a bakery with zero atmosphere called good luck dim sum on clement near 8th...

          1. re: sfoperalover

            I had dim sum at Good Luck and it sucked! Cold and greasy food and not friendly at all. I don't see why people keep recommending this place.

            1. re: chemchef

              Was it crowded when you were there? Some dim sum places are good only at peak hours.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                Yes, it was very crowded. That's one of the reasons we decided to stop. There was a long line.

              2. re: chemchef

                I don't really agree with this assessment. Good Luck is often packed and rushed, so they try to be efficient. There isn't a lot of time for niceties, but I couldn't say I've ever had rude treatment there.

                I've also never had cold dim sum there, either (have never gone at non-peak time), though there's always a timing issue with these sorts of things. Grease level, however, has varied.

                I would never say Good Luck is the best dim sum in the city. But I would still say it's a good option because of a confluence of factors. It's a good value, as I can easily get full on decent and sometimes quite good quality dim sum for just a few dollars -- and I can do so relatively quickly, as take out if needed, rather than a longer, more extended cart experience.

                At other places, I've paid more money for lower quality dim sum that took longer to be served. Good Luck is no Koi Palace or Yank Sing, but I think it's a good choice for this particular niche.

                EDIT: I should qualify to say I haven't been in almost a year, so if there has been a very recent decline, I wouldn't have noticed.

        2. deem sum at yank sing can go +$30.

          you might try ti couz. i recommend the scallop-tomato crepe.
          it's a bit unusual. VN, thai, chinese, indian i assume you an get
          all at a equal or higher standard in LA.

          aziza is way out in the sticks, and is hard to see coming in under $20 [zagats claims
          it is $40: $20 entrees, $9 starters/desserts/cocktails]. i also personlly think it is overrated.

          decent $7 happy hour pizzas at olive bar.

          1. Hit the Mission for some killer Tacquerias. There are a lot of them and lots of great bars too. It's a fun night out if you're with friends.

            1. Burma Superstar in the Richmond. Not going to get that in LBC/OC. Relatively affordable as well. Burritos you can get at home. While you're on Clement you might look around - plenty of inexpensive food.

              1. Im from OC/LA/SD too...pretty much food up here is similar genres, but done damn good imo.

                cheap good eats ive tried:

                thai = Thai House Express, King of Thai, Osha all in the Tenderloin

                Mexican = La Taqueria in mission, on par with the best in LA :)

                Vietnamese = Tu Lan (greasy/soul vietnamese), Turtle Tower, Bodega Bistro (the last 2 have bomb bun cha!)

                Good Cheeasesteaks = Cheesesteak shop on divisadero, Metro Cafe on Fillmore/Haight, i like the last better

                Cheap "checkered tablecloth" italian/bomb thin pizzas = Giorgios and Gaspere's

                thats all i can think of for right now

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                1. re: fooddudeone

                  cool thanks for the recs/

                  I know yank sing isnt cheap, but its a nice treat since the dim sum in my area is hurt. Im staying at Miyako in japan town, so if there are any spots for noodles/sushi...

                  Also, bar reccomendations? Im up there with some friends so anything fun/different.

                  1. re: eglbc

                    For good cheap noodles, Mifune on the second floor of the Japan Center.

                    1. re: Robert Lauriston

                      I also like the sushi boat place on the 2nd floor. I only recommend it for a light lunch or a snack, it's not a place for a full meal. But it's a fun place to pop into for a sushi snack. Settle into the bar and snack on some yummy small plates of sushi.

                    2. re: eglbc

                      If you like lots of different types of beer, Toronado on Haight Street is one of the best places IMO and you can grab a sausage next door at Roseamunde to eat at the bar. For something different you can get a pricey drink at the Tonga Room in the Fairmont Hotel on California Street and drink slowly while watching rainstorms indoors. Also while you're in the Mission and if it's nice out, Medjool has a great rooftop deck with a bar and heat lamps.

                  2. If you're in SF, you gotta eat Mexican. Try La Taqueria in the Mission. Cheap and delish.

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                    1. re: katsnap

                      I have to believe the OP can get plenty of good Mexican in OC or Long Beach.

                      1. re: Gary Soup

                        whats good at taqueria?

                        I get the good taqueria down here, but if its mindblowing, im down.

                        1. re: eglbc

                          La Taqueria is good but it's not mind blowing, esp if you're coming in from LA/OC/LBC. If you were coming in from the East Coast it would be a revelation but not from w/i Calif. My take: quality ingredients but bland.

                          1. re: eglbc

                            I don't go to La Taqueria. I see it as a gringo A-list kind of place. There are plenty of more soulful places.

                            A stroll on foot through the heart of the Mission might be fun, I don't know if you have that kind of urban barrio density where you are.

                            1. re: eglbc

                              If you end up going to La Taqueria or some other place in the Mission, you might try also swinging by that new Bi-Rite ice cream shop for dessert. It's about $5 for ice cream that has a zillion threads devoted to it here. LBC has the new Pinkberry in downtown and some gelato and ice cream places here and there, but nothing like this.

                              1. re: choctastic

                                Cool I will have to check that ice cream,

                                Any organic healthy type spots worth checking out?

                                Thoughts on Singapore-Malaysian food spot?

                                or Chow?

                                Parea Wine Bar?

                                1. re: eglbc

                                  I am not knowledgeable about wine or Singapore/Malaysian food, sorry. Also, these days I tend to robotically reenter the same old joints over and over again. For instance, I go to Shanghai Dumpling King for their juicy pork dumplings ($5 for order of 10 dumplings), the $1 oyster happy hour at Hog Island Oyster bar in the Ferry Building market (go early), and sometimes grab some a box of goodies that always includes egg custard tarts from Golden Gate Bakery in Chinatown (always big, warm, flaky crusted, I forget the price since it seems to be going up but iirc it's about a dollar or so each). If this is up your alley, try em.

                                  I like Chow, esp the one on Church, just off Market st, in the Castro area. I like the back seating area best. This type of food isn't that different from what you can get in LBC or even OC but it's still a fun, inexpensive place to eat. There was a recent thread on Chow. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/402846

                                  As for organic healthy type spots, I haven't been into those lately, but the one that keeps getting mentioned on this board is Cafe Gratitude. Sounds like an organic, hippy-dippy Rutabegorz. http://www.withthecurrent.com/menu.html

                                  I like the early bird special at Chapeau! for a little over twenty bucks. Granted my friends and I usually stray and end up spending big bucks but if you're good then you can stay within your budget here and have a great meal. Not too many places like it down in our area.

                                  I've heard great things about Burma Superstar (mentioned above) from friends. Haven't tried it yet though.

                                  Hope this helps.