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Park Slope Delivery Favorites

Hi everyone. I'm relatively new to the neighborhood and would like to solicit opinion's on the best places for delivery in Park Slope. I'm especially looking for good Chinese, Thai, and Indian, but also good diner food, burgers, sandwiches and wings. Definitely wings. Really anyplace that you really like showing up at your door with great food. Thanks!

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  1. Welcome to the neighborhood! First, some bad news, There is no really great Chinese food in the Slope, and best place for burgers and wings (Bonnie's on Fifth Ave.) does not deliver.

    But here are some decent delivery possibilites:

    Kinara - Indian - 5th Ave. at 11th Street. (south Slope)

    Joy - Indian - 301 Flatbush Ave. (Prospect Heights, near north Slope)

    Joe's Pizza - 137 Seventh Ave., near Garfield

    Thai Sky - 386 5th Ave., between 6th and 7th Sts.

    Tempo Presto - sandwiches - 210 Seventh Ave., corner of 3rd St.

    There are a couple of Peruvian places that deliver good roasted chicken and other stuff: El Polo (291 5th Ave.) and Coco Roco (392 Fifth Ave.)

    Chiles and Chocolate - 54 Seventh Ave. (near Lincoln) - Mexiacan place specilizing in Oaxacan dishes. Has received mixed reviews on this board, but I really like it.

    Well, I hope this helps you start. I'm sure others can add more ideas.

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      I would go with Red Hot for Chinese. With all due respect to Parkslopemama, I actually think it is very good....

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        I like Anthony's on Seventh Ave and 14th (or 15th?) for solid, basic italian.

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          kinara has a wickedly good delivery special...appetizer, entree, naan, rice for around $11...decent quality.

          song is rather cheap but handy for thai food.

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          i usually order the bufala doc from la villa.

        3. I had a slice at the Fifth Avenue Pizzeria (5th Ave, east/upslope side, one door north of Union Street) -- dingy, depressing joint; my wife wouldn't walk in in a million years -- which turned out to be better than any pizza I've had on 7th Ave in the 25 years we've lived in Park Slope.

          The hell with Pino's, Joe's, and Roma....next time I order a pie, I'm going with Fifth Avenue Pizzeria.

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            My friend took me to the Fifth Avenue Pizzeria and the slices we had were a gloppy, doughy, undercooked mess. Anthony's is the only decent pizza in the Slope.

          2. for middle eastern, you can't beat mr. falafel on 7th ave. their fattoush is really good and fresh and their babaghanoush is usually nice and smokey.

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              Another great Middle Eastern option is the Olive Vine. Try their pizzas! Yum.

            2. i really think the best thai in park slope is NaNa on 5th Ave--cash only. Hunan Delight (6th ave. and union st.) is okay for chinese. we also like to get burritos from Rachel's la Taqueria on fifth.

              1. Helios at 6th ave and Saint Marks / Flatbush Ave (upslope / north slope) is my favorite for delivery - great tasting authentic Greek, hearty portions and they include free cookies with every order! Try the maurosalata and the helios special sandwich.

                Luscious Foods also delivers - home cooking, a bit on the pricey side though.

                1. Maybe I'm too fussy, but there is really no decent Chinese in Park Slope. Some people seem too like Red Hot Szechuan (sp?), but I've also read that they have had poor grades on their health inspections. They haven't been shut down though. I agree that Kinara is very good for Indian. I don't eat burgers or wings so I can't help you that. I also don't think too much of any of the Thai restaurants. On a good day, some are passable, but nothing more.

                  1. With a new baby, we order in a lot, so here are my favorites:

                    - Joy - on Flatbush
                    - Watana - Thai food on 7th Ave in the South Slope
                    - Long Tan - Thai food on 5th Ave off of Union. We've had some delivery nightmares with them, but keep trying because we like the food.
                    - Anthony's - fast delivery and really delicious Italian
                    - Pizza Plus - once they re-open, give them a try. Some of the pasta entrees are odd, but I like the pizza, the salads, and the heros.

                    Enjoy exploring!

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                      pizza plus, jeez. why would you eat pizza worthy of a midwest shopping mall in bklyn?

                    2. I second Long Tan for thai - one of the best pad thai's I've had in new york - and also like Song (creative and very very tasty dishes)
                      I also like Los Pollitos a lot for tasty, cheap, and fast south american fix (especially their rotisserie chicken - mmmm)
                      Finally, although you didn't request sushi - Taro sushi is the best!

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                        I think Red Hot is the best Chinese in Park Slope though it isn't great. I Love Long Tan, but I don't care for Song in terms of Thai food. I have not been to Thai Sky yet. Olive Vine is pretty good Middle Eastern food.

                      2. Chinese takeout anywhere is generally subpar. That said, the house special lo mein at Chinatown Wok on Flatbush and Sterling is rather tasty, and they deliver $5 DVDs as well. Perfect for dinner & a movie.

                        LOVE Bogota for PanLatin - a little pricey for takeout but they give huge portions of food. Great skirt steak and fish tacos.

                        For Thai, I do Song. I generally go for one of their fish or skirt steak specials. They also have really tasty mango BBQ wings, mango salad, and fried calamari.

                        No fabulous Indian in Park Slope but if I have the craving I order from Joy. Can be hit or miss though with their menu selections. Their Chicken Tikka Makhni, Lamb Rogan Josh, and Cauliflower dishes are quite tasty.

                        Helios makes really tasty souvlaki, and salmon and their burgers are good as well. The owners are quite nice.

                        Roma's special pies are to die for. The mozarella pie with fresh mozarella, basil and slices of tomato are my favorite. The regular slices are just OK. They also make a good greek salad.

                        The cheesesteaks at High Stakes on Flatbush are tasty so long as you order your sandwich with double cheese.

                        1. jdmetz' original question pertained to delivery favorites. I am of the belief that once you put perfectly good hot food into a sealed container, it begins a decomposition process that often results in wretched refuse. This is particularly true of food items containing bread or its derivatives (ie, pizza, sandwiches, breaded items, such as wings), but it is also true of food items with sauces (ie, pasta, Chinese and thai ). Then, you have the problem that results from multiple items being placed in the same container (have you ever ordered humus, baba and foul from a Middle Eastern place and received a delightful mixture of the three?).
                          Accordingly, we avoid delivery pizza, insist that multiple items be packaged individually and avoid overly-sauced Chinese entrees. That said, our favorite delivery joints in the Slope are
                          Olive Vine and Tofu (yes, Tofu, for Chinese, although I agree that good Chinese is hard to find in the Slope. Tofu delivers fast and is perfectly acceptable by my standards).

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                            i second that Tofu on 7th recommendation. The food isn't brilliant, but it's a lot less greasy than most other chinese places in the area. And, despite the name, it's not a vegetarian place.


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                              we order the house pie(with garlic & sausage) from anthonys every sunday night. for thai food, long tan & beet have been our go to's(hard to beat song tho) and new comers watana.

                            2. My "go to" place for delivery is La Villa on 5th Ave between Garfield and 1st.

                              Love the chicken caesar salad, penne with spinacchio (and chicken) and lasagna al forno. The lasagna can be a bit salty at times. Can't say it's the healthiest fare. The take credit cards. (Some places in Park Slope only deal with cash for delivery.)

                              1. My favorite delivery dish to order is the chicken curry with chips from Chip Shop. It's a huge portion that I can't possibly finish in one meal. Even though I tell myself every time that I'll get two dinners out of it, I always end up eating the leftovers for breakfast instead.

                                Also love many of the sandwiches at Press 195, and I find myself ordering sushi from Kiku at least once a week.

                                1. It's now October, so you are a park slope native practically--so what delivery spots are your favorite so far. We have been here for 3 years and are generally disappointed with deliver...however, here are our go to places...
                                  Amorina for thin crust pizza--we always order the Tricolore (arugula, cheese and cherry tomatoes) and the one with sausage. We have never ordered other food from them although they have pastas etc.

                                  Blue Ribbon sushi --we try not to order in sushi, but when we have to, we order from here. Fabulous but pricey.

                                  Coco Roco--

                                  Long Tan for Thai in general. Although, I have had some good fish at T Thai on 7th avenue.

                                  I am still waiting for a good Korean place to open up in Park Slope.

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                                    i ordered from long tan after several people on this board recommend it and found it quite disgusting. i have since tried song for thai which was MUCH better though quite slow on the delivery uptake.
                                    anthony's is the best for pizza.
                                    taro is good for sushi. blue ribbon is a complete rip off and not at all worth it.