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May 17, 2007 02:20 PM

Briganti or Vertical Wine Bistro 4 Hubby's B-day?

We're celebrating his 36th birthday without a gift exchange, so we thought about splurging a little on a good dinner. Both look really good, but which is better for a relaxed, romantic dinner?

We're wine people too, so Vertical is an obvious choice, but would it be better to go with Briganti and bring a bottle ourselves?

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  1. I would suggest Briganti and BYOB.

    Atmosphere is much more relaxed and the service more evenly paced. The enclosed patio (atrium) would be lovely this time of the year at Briganti.

    Enjoy wherever you end up.

    1. I agree that Briganti is the better choice of the two -- both for food and ambience. We always order the specials and have not been disappointed. And we do the traditional Italian thing: appertivo, primo, secundo and dolce. We share each course and end up very full and happy at the end. Stop off at Mission Wine down the block -- they have a great selection of Italian reds. And since it is a special night, order a couple of their little bottle of prosecco to start and toast to happy days ahead.

      1. No disagreement with the other posters about the food, but Vertical offers a great wine opportunity. You can get lots of tastes of otherwise difficult to sample wines, albeit at inflated prices if figured per ounce. Many flights cost the equivalent of more than $20 per full glass, but you are only getting a fraction of a glass of several wines which, if you had to buy a bottle each to taste them, would be in the hundreds of dollars.

        1. I see Vertical as a martini bar that happens to serve wine instead. The ambience has the sleek urban feel to it. Briganti, on the other hand, is far more down to earth, but still classy. Simply an upscale neighborhood joint that serves great Italian food. My vote is for Briganti.

          Actually, my pick over both is Red White + Bluezz (sitting in the main room, not the blues room).

          1. Don't go to Briganti for a birthday dinner! I had a bday dinner there 2 weeks ago and the service was absolutely HORRIBLE! I went home and cried afterwards, I was so disappointed.

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