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May 17, 2007 02:04 PM

San Jose

Driving to SJ, from San Luis Obispo, tomorrow, Friday, to see Champions On Ice, 7:00PM, at the HP Pavilion in SJ. Will mosey back to SLO Sat. Any suggestions for the best Italian bakeries & delis in SJ &/or enroute? Best Italian or best ethnic for dinner Fri nite before show? Breakfast Sat?

Many thanks foodie friends!

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  1. ohhh if you get here between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm you'll be in time to grab a bbq sandwich from neto's sausage in santa clara... used to be in that area all the time, but not so much anymore.. man those are GREAT sandwiches.. i like the linguisa or the italian....

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      Making note for next time as we can't get there by 2! Good linguisa is a favorite....can't wait til we get to go. Oh........I'll stop & buy some to take home for the barbeque.

      Thanks/Grazie mille!

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        oh if that's the case, then buy the ground sausage and you can form it into patties yourselves =) my family loves the italian sausage and send me down there every now and then just to pick up sausage for their pasta parties =) i also buy the linquisa for myself and form patties and refreeze it to have on-hand... very flavorful as the aromas for cooking in indoors really wafts through the house =) hahahah

        i enjoy the desserts at speido.. their gnocchi (sp?) is pretty good too. bella mia is also pretty good... i would make reservations....

        speido is in san pedro square, which hosts other restaurants, like tied house (brewery, i like the fish and chips.. huge menu) and old spaghetti factory (i don't like 'cause i think it's a little too bland and i feel like i can make it at home myself.. but others might like it) and 77 st. peter... which i have always wanted to try, but haven't gotten around to it yet.. it's a bit expensive i think... so i'm waiting for a kinda special ocassion... hahahah

        i don't know the way you are taking, but if you have time and are going to stop by capitola, i like shadowbrook inn... very romantic.. but kinda expensive.. there's also forbes mill steakhouse which is good in los gatos...

        there was a recent san jose thread that had some vietnamese and mexican eats.. one place the Chder like is la vic's (la victoria's)... but when i ate there, it didn't sit too well with me... but i kinda have a sensitive stomach... so it may just be me....

        there is a place that escapes me that is GREAT bakery.. i had a GREAT banana chocolate cake... but alas, the name escapes me..... ack.. i apologize... and i LOVE bakeries too... ack.... =)

        kinda by the shark tank is 7, i think i posted about it pretty recently, but another CHder said they didn't quite like it there... i have a friend who went about a month ago for a date, and he and his date liked it... i don't think they have the menu online, but it's california cuisine, and the chef doesn't make any substitutions....

        have fun =)

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          i found it i found it =) hahah not the bakery... but the recent CH thread =)

    2. Best Italian and most expensive would be Paolo's. You can also try Original Joe's, La Pastaia, Spiedo, or Bella Mia. For a cheaper alternative try Amici's.

      Lots of other ethnic locations especially Vietnamese and Mexican.

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        I second La Pastaia. Isn't that in the Hotel De Anza on San Fernando in Downtown SJ?

      2. Huge fan of The Garage. They serve breakfest Saturday and Sunday, one of the few places in downtown SJ that does have breakfest. It's on the backside of SJSU. If you go for lunch or dinner, ribs are fantastic.

        1. The downtown restaurants fill up when there's a show at the arena, so you'd be wise to head a little further afield or make reservations ahead of time. I don't think there's any credible Italian dinner places in the downtown area, but La Villa's deli on Lincoln Avenue near Minnesota is great. It's mostly takeout, but on the weekends, they grill sausages and stuff in the parking lot and put a few tables outside.

          1. For breakfast Saturday, hole-in-the-wall Don Pedro's on Post Street should be open. Their machaca is a favorite (rice and beans not so much though).

            Second on Naglee Park Garage for another hole in the wall, although a nicer one.

            I suspect Parcel 104 would have a great (but pricey) breakfast/brunch. It's at the Marriott, off 101 at Great America Parkway.

            For dinner, I've had some delicious pasta at La Pastaia and great desserts in the last year or two, and service has always been great. Unfortunately, last week my pasta (with eggplant and canellini beans) was just so-so. In terms of the downtown italian restaurants, it's the closest to HP if you're going to walk it.

            Sorry, can't recommend Bella Mia--the smell in there was bad for a long time; wouldn't suggest you risk it.