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May 17, 2007 01:59 PM

Need Help--Business Meeting in Orlando

Hi Hounds!

I have a business meeting in Orlando and need to select a good dinner location. I will be driving from Miami to meet a couple of people who will be staying in Orlando. I'm looking for something moderately priced (entrees $15-$25) with good wine and beer choices. Need a relatively quiet dining room (quiet enough for a good conversation) and preferably not a chain. Also, probably not anything ethnic...I'm not sure about everyone's tastes.

Sand Lake Rd. or Orange Blossom Trail will be okay. But is there a good restaurant exit off of the turnpike that will shorten my drive from Miami? They don't mind driving a little bit.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Hi,

    There is a beautiful resort hotel not far from the turnpike in the Orlando area

    I have included the link here

    The place is beautiful and their lunch on the boat outside is excellent!

    Hope you enjoy it!!!

    1. OH! I almost forgot..........Charlies Steak House on Orange Blossom Trail or the location in Kissimmee (where I have gone several times) on 192. They have a great assortment of steaks and wine and beer choices.

      I think this would be your best choice for your business meeting, by far!!!!! Keep the other one I sent you in mind for a future won't be disapointed!!!

      1. Here's a recent similar thread that has a good list of places that would fit your bill -- all in Orlando. Not sure of anything farther south on the Tpk; most of these are in the Sand Lake/Restaurant Row area.

        1. Covert Ops link to the earlier thread may be helpful. Sand Lake Road is only two exits west of the turnpike, so it isn't far.

          However you will have trouble finding somthing a) quiet and b) with entrees in the $15 to $20 range on Sand Lake. I think your best bet there will be Seasons 52. You'll want to book a reservation and you'll want to tell them it is a business meeting, so please give you a quieter table. If they are dining on the patio, that might work.

          Entrees are $15 to $25, and the concept is to provide a seasonal, fresh menu with no entree over 475 calories. They have an excellent wine list. Here's the current menu:
          and you can wander around on their website a bit to get other menu items, location info and phone, etc.


          1. I respectfully disagree with the boat restaurant at Gaylord Palms recommendation. It is beachy casual. For a business dinner at Gaylord, check out Old Hickory Steakhouse (though maybe a little more pricey).

            For Sand Lake Road, Seasons 52 is probably your best best for $15-25 entrees and non-ethnic. I'm actually not a fan of Seasons 52 though.

            There is also a Melting Pot on Sand Lake, if people are okay with sharing - maybe not so much for a business meeting, depending on the business.

            If you think Italian could be a safe bet for your group, Antonio's is good Italian on Sand Lake, in that price range. The atmosphere is plush and quiet.

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            1. re: starbucksbrew

              I think the Melting Pot would be way too expensive, too labor-intensive, and meals there take an average of three hours. It was great for a drawn-out romantic date, but not for business dinner, IMO.

              1. re: starbucksbrew

                I concur with the opinion about the Gaylord Palms seafood restaurant, however neither one is in your price range or convenient.

                Also agree with the opinion about fondue, not ap[propriate for a business meeting.

                Antonio;s would work, but not in your budget.

                Curious why starbucksbrew is not a fan of Seasons 52? I don't mean to defend them, but curious why you dislike without a reason?