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May 17, 2007 01:54 PM

Round booths?

I know it's a totally random question, but I was wondering if someone could reccommend a restaurant in the Boston/Cambridge area with good food and round booths (a la Union in the South End)? A group of us are getting together and haven't seen each other in a while, and I think a round booth would be a nice set up for catching up, everybody being able to see and hear everybody else, etc. There will be six of us. Union is a possibility, but we've been there before, so we're hoping to find somewhere new to try, and appreciate any suggestions you all may have!


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  1. Last place i saw a round booth was fireflies in Framingham. They sat our group in it and we complained but thats all they could offer. They are a total pain in the butt especially when someone in the middle has to get out to use the restroom. At fireflies it was an extra pain since it was the Sunday brunch buffet. We spent half the time sliding in and out of that damn thing!

    1. KO Prime has a couple, IIRC. Temple Bar, though I'm not a big fan.

      1. Spice and Rice on Cambridge St and Bambara at the Hotel Marlowe both have them. Although I agree with Hargau that they can be more trouble than they are worth!

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          I sat in a round booth at Bambara a couple of weeks ago and am pretty sure that it'd be hard to fit 6 adults in one booth. I think they are meant for 4 people.

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            cambridge 1 in harvard square has a great booth for 8

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              There is a round table referred to as "the nook" at Olives in Charlestown that will be perfect for your group. I agree that a round table is best for sharing conversation with the whole group. I am not a TE fan at all, but the very talented Joe Brenner is back at the helm at Olives and the food is much improved. I ate there twice in the last 10 days and it was very good. The nook looks into the action in the kitchen and would suit you well.

            2. re: Velda Mae

              good point...i think there were 5 of us and there may not have been room for one more.

          2. Have enjoyed the round booth you are describing upstairs at Kingfish Hall -- enjoyed it more than the food, in fact (generally average preparations of fresh seafood at high prices and serviceable to really good raw bar).

            1. Ariadne in Newtonville has great, all-booth seating, nicely spread out, and is a tremendous all-around fine-dining value, one of my favorite fine-dining destinations in the suburbs. More details here: