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May 17, 2007 01:40 PM

A short Chez L'Epicier report

A Chez L'Epicier report from my husband's trip diary....

Dinner with Hai, Xiao, Ed and Andy at Chez L'Epicier.

Meh... it was OK, but didn't knock my socks off. OK service, great
atmosphere, but the food was artsy (towers of food; flavored foams), and
innovative in an artsy way I guess, but not particularly mind blowing
taste wise. Merely adequate.

Asparagus three or four ways - white foam; tempura-esque with lemon
mayo; white with salmon; and a foie gras mousse. Quite good really.

Veal sweetbreads with... some other stuff. HUGE sweetbread, but not as
wonderful as one might like. Weak.

A brownie, coconut whipped cream, some kind of cracker, what was
essentially a smear of chocolate pudding, and chocolate iced cream. OK.

Hai got the avocado cheesecake (and assorted stuff), which I was going
to order, but did not hoping to swap forkfulls. He said it was quite

Ed got the sorbet selection, which looked WONDERFUL. Strawberry, mango,
green apple with celery (for color, I am guessing), and something else.

Xiao got something described on the menu as "with Sichuan something or
other" but nothing Sichuan was evident - and he would know, as that is his home region. There was a saffron mousse - I wonder if there was a translation error.

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  1. Sounds like an innovative futuristic meal the Jetson's would have eaten using ingedients we're used to but transforming them.

    I've never eaten at a place like this - yet - what exactly is flavoured foam? (a base flavour/spice with gelatine or whipped egg whites?)

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    1. re: yow yul

      Here's an article that covers the trend pretty well:
      > what exactly is flavoured foam? (a base flavour/spice with gelatine or
      whipped egg whites?)

      1. re: meg944

        Thanks meg944 for the link - this trend has not arrived in Ottawa restaurants yet.