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May 17, 2007 01:38 PM

What's the deal with black & white cookies? [moved from Manhattan board]

My friend is hooked on them and requests anyone going to NY to bring her back a few. I've never had one, and am trying to come up with a recipe to replicate them out in Western Canada (not for sale, just for her). Does anyone have a great recipe? she has described them as cakey, but chewy, and soft in the middle. So are they cakey cookies, not the rolled kind? (I used to own a bakery so I understand how cookie doughs work, but have not yet experienced the B&W cookie.) Help!

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    I used this recipe after a trip to NYC and they were really delicious. They aren't rolled and after they cool you turn them over and ice the flat side. They're fun to do, a little different, and taste great.

    back to add that as I recall they actually tasted better the second day, the texture improves.

    1. What's the deal? They are a lovely dessert, and a large B&W ought to last you through two sittings (the smaller ones you can eat in one effort.) The cooke part should be sponge cakey but a tad on the dry side, since the cookie has to support the icing. The white icing needs to have good vanilla and the chocolate should be as chocolately as possible. Remember that you need to have a good coating of icing, don't just put on one coat.

      1. Right, they are cakey, but not rolled; they are actually a kind of drop cookie. There is a recipe for Black and White Cookies in Martha Stewart's excellent Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook, which you can probably get from your library.

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            Ha! Am I the only person who can hear Jerry Seinfeld doing his bit about how the Black & White cookie embodies racial harmony in one of his sitcoms--the fact that you said 'what's the deal' makes me hear it in his voice!