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May 17, 2007 01:16 PM

one day for london pubs

i'll be in london for 30 hours later this summer to see and review a concert. I get tehre at 8am and leave the next day at 3pm. The concert starts at 7:30 in central london, probably won't let out till 11or later.
ANd I need some pub time. Problem is, many pubs close early, so after the concert is out. So my plan is to have lunch and possibly an early dinner/ snack in one and then breakfast the day I leave.

I was planning on St Peters' pub, because I think they're beer is phenomenal (the english ale and cream stout especially)

but based on their website it says they're no open on sundays (or can this be???) and my first day is a sunday

Could anyone recommend one or two?

(The concert is at the royal festival hall in central london at the embankment stop)

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  1. For a different choice,I think Gordon's Wine Bar is over there; the Lamb and Flag would be another "historic" choice a few minutes walk away

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    1. re: tdo ca

      great thank you.
      am i correct in assuming that all pubs will be shut by midnite on a sunday?
      my last experience in london made me think that pubs shut down and then theonly choice was more discs/ clubs.

      any recommendations near the south bank centre?

      historic isn't as important as good beer

      1. re: mr mouther

        This link is to a recent article on London Pubs. If the link doesn't work, it was on under the 'travel' page. Enjoy and hopefully this is a little helpful!

    2. I'm a little rusty on my London pubs, especially in that area. But have a look at these two links; they seem like they might be quite useful:

      Also, when you get to the UK, go to a nearby bookshop and check out the latest copy of CAMRA's 'Good Beer Guide'.