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May 17, 2007 01:06 PM

Coming to Milwaukee...

So, I have to be in Milwaukee on biz on my birthday(!) Where do I have my vendor take me to dinner? We're from the SF Bay Area so we like Fabulous dining!!

Thanks Hounds!!


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  1. Sanford's comes immediately to mind & if you do a search, you'll find more. Don't miss the Milwaukee Public Market - kindof a midwestern twist on your Ferry Building. (Or the art museum!!!)

    1. I agree with torta. In Milwaukee, one restaurant surpasses all others:

      Sanford Restaurant
      1547 N. Jackson Street
      Milwaukee, WI 53202
      (414) 276-9608

      It's spectacular, as good as the best places in Chicago (or San Francisco). It's even worth a trip from the Chicago area. I love that place!

      If you're interested, here is an article about the 30 best restaurants in Milwaukee, by the food critic of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

      torta also mentioned the Milwaukee Public Market. You can find more information on its website at

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        That list makes me want to book a flight just to try Bosley! The list also reminded me of some of my other favorites - Roots, for great local upscale Midwestern fare; Bacchus, for an elegant dining room & excellent cuisine & obviously, wine list; The Social, trendy, great fish, fun scene and Coquette Cafe for an upscale, yet casual French-inspired lunch. Don't miss drinks at the top of the Pfister Hotel (I also like the lobby bar - the over-the-top elegance & decor actually out glitzes your Ritz Carlton & St. Francis hotels) & the ├╝ber-cool bars at the new Intercontinental.