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keeping duck fat

i cooked a duck breast on the weekend and kept back some of the duck fat; after it cooled I put it in a glass jar and in the fridge...if I want to use this again for cooking, is it safe to do so and how long do you think it will keep?


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  1. I keep mine in the freezer forever.

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      It keeps almost that long in the fridge!

    2. How did you cook the breast? If the temperature was quite high and the fat is brownish in color or cloudy you may want to discard it as it may be burnt. If it's a nice yellow clear color you can store it in the fridge or freezer

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        the fat is nice and yellowy...well, more creamish now that it has congealed.

        Thanks for the replies!

        What do you guys use the fat for later out of curiosity?

        1. re: diesta

          roast potatoes...

          **insert heavenly choir music**

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            amen...in my house duck fat is gone, LONG before any storage issues.

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            Save the fat from your next breast, then make a confit with the third.

            1. re: Sam Fujisaka

              Or buy a whole duck. Carve off the breast which you can pan roast and serve medium and pink. Save the carcas and neck for stock, remove all the skin and fat and render enough to confit the legs and thighs. This fat can be used over as long as you don't over heat it. Fry up the livers and enjoy and use the gizzards and heart in slow cooked stews for added flavor. Great bang for the buck this duck

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                And the cracklin's!
                Don't forget the cracklin's!

                1. re: lunchbox

                  Yes I did forget to mention the cracklin's. I do have some sitting on my counter at this moment. Duck cracklin's are great!

            2. re: diesta

              Used in place of oil, it makes incredibly good popcorn!

              1. re: Euonymous

                Oh, man, and I just broke out the Amish red popcorn last night.

                BTW, popcorn is very good with furikake. Or so I hear. The only problem being, it doesn't stick too well. Taste is great though.

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                  Egads! Duck popcorn!!! I'm running to the kitchen right now!

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                  What do you guys use the fat for later out of curiosity?

                  ... everything. I've made amazing crab cakes in duck fat, the afore mentioned potatoes- roasted or skillet fried like home fries, a couple of weeks ago I used duck fat to brown moose meat for bourguignon. Any call for butter in cooking is really a call for duck fat.

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                    Paula Wolfert*s white bean soup starts with onions and carrots sauteed in duck fat. I also sometimes cook frozen green beans in duck fat. I always use it for vegetables (potatoes, etc.), the flavor is so distinctive.

                    1. re: Amanita

                      Also, when I make chopped chicken liver, I sauté my onions in duck fat. It's kosher and luxurious!

                3. Slap that duck fat on a steak and you will never grill one without it again.

                  1. If you've cooked something in it at a moderate temperature, like a confit, it will probably have picked up some moisture. You should re-clarify it by heating it to around 250º, and holding it at that temperature until it stops sizzling. That means that all the water has been evaporated out. Then you should strain it through a fine sieve (I use a little two-layer fine-mesh tea strainer) into a thoroughly cleaned container, cover it and refrigerate it. With these precautions it will probably outlive you, and the rest of us as well...

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                    1. re: Will Owen

                      Thanks for this - just did this with some lingering containers of duck fat. Now to attack my stuffed to the gills freezer!

                    2. In "Three Musketeers" there's the immortal line "goose grease is very good with jam". On bread, is the implication. So perhaps duck fat would be as well?

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                        You know what's really good with jam? Bear grease. However, that's a whole other story. ;)

                      2. You can use the fat for fried eggs as well - it will be the best fried eggs you ever have!

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                          you are all making me wish that I kept back more than I did!!!

                          thanks for the suggestions so far

                        2. My ex-husband makes the best french fries using a hefty portion of duck fat in the oil. So good!

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                            we eat goose for xmas every year...my dad always saved the fat and makes the BEST fried breakfast potatoes with it. cube the potatoes, fry some onions in the fat, add the potatoes on a HIGH heat (as far as i know, goose fat has the highest smoke point, but duck fat is close enough :)) and they are golden on the outside and creamy inside. heavenly!!!!! time for a visit to my dad's house.

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                              The best Potato Chips ever:
                              If you have enough fat for 1/2" on a cast iron skillet, you can make sublime potato chips.
                              Slice as thin as possible or use a mandolin; Russet or Yukon are good, and fry in small batches. Salt when they are draining. They won't last long!

                          2. I know this is late in the day, but roast parsnips in duck fat, or bell peppers, especially roast potatoes, in fact ALL raost veggies.
                            Roast your pork joint, beef joint, whole chicken, BBQ with the stuff.
                            There is no end to the uses for good honey coloured duck fat.
                            By the way, I live in France, and the locals here use duck fat for roasting, frying, confits, greasing pans, etc. You name it, they do it, and it is so healthy too.
                            (But I do prefer goose fat!!!!)

                            1. As others have mentioned, I freeze it. I like to cut the frozen block into little cubes and then put them in a ziploc. It's so easy to throw a frozen cube into a skillet!