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May 17, 2007 12:25 PM

UPenn area

I'll be in Philadelphia for the NCAA women's lacrosse on Memorial Day weekend. The games will be at Franklin Field. Are there any can't-miss places around there?

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  1. White Dog Cafe near (maybe even on?) the campus of Penn----interesting food, interesting atmosphere

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    1. re: chocoannie

      You'd be better off skipping the White Dog. I am sure other posters will agree that the food has been subpar for the past few years. However, if you want a good BYOB, Marigold is not too far away, and Pod has above average cuisine in an unusual setting. Of course, Franklin Field is very close by tp SEPTA so a trolley to Center City is not a bad option either.

      1. re: bluehensfan

        Try Nan.
        You won't be disappointed.
        It's close by and the price is right.

        1. re: idia

          What kind of food is Nan? Indian? Sounds good -- just wondering!

          1. re: pomme de terre

            Nan is at 40th and Chestnut: It is Thai-French and very good. There are some Indian restaurants around that same block, but they're pretty average: New Dehli and Tandoor India.

    2. Some interesting choices:
      Kabobeesh Pakistani food (will need to drive, has parking)
      Bubble tea from Bubble Tea House, 34th and Sansom.
      Lemongrass Thai, on Lancaster (cheap 3 course prix fix)
      If you are there at Friday lunch: Taco truck at 38th And Sansom, Magic Carpet vegetarian truck at 34th and Walnut, or Korean truck on 38th near Sansom. Thank you.

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      1. re: Bride of the Juggler

        i disagree with lemongrass. there is a cheaper thai place that cooks their food better on 40th and chestnut, thai singha house. they offer a cheap 3-course lunch too, but only during the week. everything else i agree with, especially magic carpet and koja (korean and japanese truck on 38th near sansom). other eateries i would recommend are fatou & fama, soul food at 40th and chestnut. unfortunately places super close to franklin field are not of the don't miss this variety. but on baltimore ave there are some great ethiopian and laotian restaurants. they are about a mile and a half away from franklin field, and is a very nice walk through west philly.

        there is a fresh grocer as well at 40th and walnut, which is a nice super market if you need that sort of thing.

      2. While a lot of the places mentioned are "good" restaurants, the only one mentioned so far that would qualify, for me at least, as a "can't miss" place is Marigold Kitchen. ETA:

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        1. re: jp32

          Marigold Kitchen is also a very good choice.
          They took an old West Philly home and converted it. There are only maybe 12 tables
          (if that many) in the place.
          It's a tough reservation though!