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Tell me a shi-shi brunch place for my bday!

I'm throwing myself a bash for my B-day and the next day (my actual birthday--the big 3-0), I want to go out with my best girlfriends for a nice, fancy brunch.

Where do you suggest?

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        Not Four Seasons right now. They're under construction.

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          Thanks Amysuehere. I did not know that. Tells you I have not been in awhile!

      2. For something a little more "yuppie" and soco cool you could try South Congress Cafe.

        1. Four Seasons is kinda fancy, but not like the outrageously extravagant brunch buffets you might see elsewhere (ie. not in Austin). Just giving you the heads-up on that. And while there are many tasty things there that are sure to please the pickiest in the bunch, some things are also poorly executed (ie. eggs benedict). There's this brunch thread where I wrote a little more on their brunch, and you might find some other useful tips in it as well:

          For a more casual affair, you might also look into Lambert's or Moonshine, both which get some love, although I have yet to try.

          1. hi jessila,

            i actually like the idea of so-co cafe for brunch. (even if it is a Trudy's owned operation...) The food is decent, and can be quite good depending on what you order. I actually really like the atmosphere there, and it'd be "different," around a "cool" crowd for sure. Don't know how much atmosphere plays into what you enjoy, but I liked the minimalist light woods, perfectly white crisp linens, modern orange light fixtures, and knowledgeable waitstaff when I was there. I had Potato enchiladas w/caramelized onions, which I enjoyed, and my dining companion had the carrot cake french toast w/bacon. The french toast was tasty, but be prepared to be overwhelmed with a sugar coma; it was very sweet for me, and very dense cake. (Their carrot cake FT was featured on a show by the evil rachael ray ha ha) If you go there I'd stick to the savory dishes for a real meal. Four seasons hotel is serving in the lobby lounge area during their remodel FYI. Honestly, if you would be up for a Mexican brunch I'd go for Fonda San Miguel over either of these two choices any day however; I think they have the best brunch. Also I havent eaten at El Gringo yet, but I always liked my brunch at El Chile's and so I'd imagine the more upscale EG would be good as well; I'm sure others have posted on this topic. I also enjoy the brunch at Eastside, but not sure that's got the chi chi factor. Maybe you should do dinner instead and just go to Uchi???!! Hope you have a lovely birthday.

            1. Chez Zee at Balcones and 2222 has a great brunch and live piano music. I've never been disappointed with the food there. As mentioned below, Fonda San Miguel is another "different" type of menu that's always delicious in a cool atmosphere.

              1. Don't forget the brunch at Fonda San Miguel

                1. Please at least check out the Green Pastures website on the prior post. I've never been there for brunch, but have been to dinner twice. The food was fabulous, the grounds are lovely, and the atmosphere is quite "shi-shi". If I was in Austin for my b-day & wanted to have brunch, I'd be there.

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                    Awesome suggestions, everyone! Thanks!

                    I don't think I've been to GP, but it looks fabulous!

                    I wish it were my birthday TODAY! (just so I have an excuse to eat at a fancy place)

                  2. For my birthday brunch, we went to Starlite... it was completely fantastic! the food and drinks were delicious, and the service and atmosphere were great as well. I highly recommend it...

                    1. I'd second Starlite and Fonda San Miguel and add Eastside Cafe. It's not super shi-shi, but the food is excellent and it's a nice atmosphere. Make reservations for the main house and skip sitting in the "garden room". If it's a small group I would say Enoteca for Sunday brunch. The tables are small, so it's not great for more than 6 or so people, but the food is delightful. They have great homemade sausages and the polenta is out of sight. (I always order the polenta without the extra oil though--they serve it Italy style in some good olive oil, but I find it's too much.) Eastside and Enoteca are probably not nice enough for what you want though, so go for Green Pastures, Starlite, or Fonda.

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                        i will have to agree with porkmuffin on the brunch at Enoteca. It has been said time and again on this board that Enoteca is tasty chow, particularly for Austin, but I just tried their brunch menu specifically for the first time last Sat. I had their version of Eggs Florentine. The poached egs had a beautiful consistency and were perfectly cooked. The hollaindaise was not the best I've had (maybe b/c it was of the browned butter variety? not sure) but held it's own. The roasted tomatoes were savory, moist, slightly sweet; perfect accompaniment to the egg and spinach. Roast potatoes, very oily but flavourful. The bubbles in my cappuccino froth were microscopic, as they should be, and the espresso had the bittersweet caramelly notes that any good cap should have. My only complaint was that they put cocoa powder on my cappuccino when I didn't ask for it (ha ha..I know, i know....) but all and all a delicious meal.

                      2. This may get deleted, but....shi shi means "to urinate" (in Hawaiian), I think you want chi chi.

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                          I second the Enoteca recommendation--I have had the eggs benedict and thought the eggs were nicely poached, and I've had both the vegetarian version and the one with Niman ranch ham. The mimosas are made with freshly squeezed o.j., and the polenta is delightfully rich and creamy. It may not be chi chi enough for you, but I like it. A friend had the brioche French toast, and it was also very good.