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May 17, 2007 12:01 PM

Help! A Peppermill that will last more than a month

I have been buying fairly high dollar peppermills and the max i can get is 2-3months before the grinder is stripped....I know to only grind in one direction and i regularly clean the mechanism....
Any recs on brands or other advice?

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  1. What brands have you had so far, and have you tried a Magnum yet?

    1. I've had one of these for going on 8 years now,.. I love it. I got mine at Sur La Table but I'm sure you can find them at many other places as well

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        I've had the same brass grinder for 6 years and it works great! I got mine for about $30 though I would be hard pressed to py $70.

      2. I am so with you on this one. Hated and broke all of my mills before getting the one sold by Penzy spices. Its a little old fashioned looking, but it has lasted over 2 years. Before this, I blew through a grinder every few monthls like you. I have been very happy with this grinder.

        1. At the risk of possibly sounding pedestrian, I've had a Peugeot for years that has, and continues to, work great.

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            I have had three of the Perfex for many many years with zero malfunctions. However if I had it do do over I would try the Rosles, they look nicer and they seem to be equally well made. Both are available at Sur La Table

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              I have had 2 Peugeots, one for black pepper in black lacquer and one in white for white pepper for about 17 years. They just keep grinding away. I have also had since Christmas a Trudeau. It requires 6 batteries and works just by invertning it over the food. It does work well, at this time I have no clue about longevity but i am going through a lot of pepper.

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                I have a kind of old-fashioned looking wooden Peugeout that I borrowed fro a neighbor about 17 years ago...Oops!

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                  Add jfood to Peugeot. Have a 12-14" for over 25 years and the only damage to the unit is from my wedding ring scaping some of the finish off.

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                    Mine, er, my neighbors', is teeny, only about 6 or 7 inches....It's a shame she moved....

                  2. re: zin1953

                    I second the Peugeot recommendation. I inherited my parents' smallest Peugeot when I went away to grad school, and I still have it. And they got married... well, I think they celebrated their 50th not too long ago. And both are heavy duty cooks...

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                      I have had my Peugeot for over 30 years and it still grinds like the day I bought it. And I use it almost daily.

                      1. re: zin1953

                        I simply LOVE my two peugeot fidji grinders (one for pepper, one for salt) -- realible and durable. (see pic)

                        (Not a fan of penzey's zassenhaus grinder, which someone else mentioned. I found the crank-style grinding action on it to be uncomfortable.)

                      2. Make sure you are getting one with all metal grinding components. There are some fancy/expensive mills that despite price still have plastic parts.

                        I've had a Vic Firth mill for more than 10 years, it is simple and perfect.

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                        1. re: Grubbjunkie

                          <<Make sure you are getting one with all metal grinding components. There are some fancy/expensive mills that despite price still have plastic parts.>>

                          William Bounds comes to mind. My dh bought me one of those, and somehow managed not to notice that the "chrome" part was really just plastic with shiny metallic finish on it. Since it was plastic, it was oddly light in the hand, and felt "wrong." Needless to say, it broke early on and without regret.

                          We have a Peugeot now, and although it developed a crack in less than a year (!) it's still a million times better than the Bounds.