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May 17, 2007 11:58 AM

Scottsdale: Pizzeria Bianco or Something else

We are staying at the Kierlands in Scottsdale....Pizzeria Bianco is pretty famous on the boards...

A. HOw far is it from the Kierlands (realizing it is in PHX)

B. Does scottdale have an equal caliber spot.....

We are Chow hounds, so it it worth the trip??


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  1. I like for a similar style of pizza. Much shorter drive, and more importantly, and much, much, much shorter wait for a table.

    IMO, if you *must* have Pizzeria Bianco, nothing else compares.

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    1. re: johnseberg

      IMO, Grazie is a much better choice!

    2. The distance is 20 miles. The bigger question, though, is if it's worth the wait (often two hours for a table). A variety of opinions:

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      1. re: silverbear

        If you are visiting the area then it's definitely worth the wait. Us locals have the luxury of taking or leaving it on a whim.


      2. It's worth it, imo. If you want to minimize the wait, you should just try to get there as soon as they open (5:00) to get your name in and avoid the weekend if possible.

        But really, it's not that big a deal to wait. Whenever PB comes up, there are a bunch of postings from people who seem bitter about the whole 2 hour wait. My feeling about that is you just have to go with the right mindset and with people who you will enjoy spending the wait with. If you spend the whole time evaluating your experience, thinking about how long you're waiting for the pizza, then you likely won't enjoy the wait OR the pizza. But if you just think, "I'm gonna go hang out in this bar for a couple hours, then go get some good pizza," I don't see how you could have a bad evening.

        beer with friends + great pizza = happy don giovanni

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        1. re: don giovanni

          Get there at 4:30 and stand in line if you want first seating, especially on a weekend. This time of year, at 100 degrees, it's not much fun. However, PB is one of a kind.

          A good alternative, although not the same experience, is Grimaldi's on Scottsdale Road, just sout of Indian School.

          1. re: Sammy9662

            Oh, the line starts at 3p, these days -- thanks to the Body Worlds exhibit. Everyone gets the bright idea to time their science tickets to get them in line at Bianco's early. I got burned that way a couple of weeks ago; it definitely doesn't work on a weekend anymore. I am a huge fan of Chris Bianco and I will gladly wait several hours at the wine bar, but this last time, I threw in the towel and headed over to La Grande Orange Pizzeria instead and was happier for it, I think.

            johnseberg is right, Grazie's another good alternative. Plus you're right there in the gallery district, makes for good strolling after.

            1. re: themis

              3p? That's crazy! If they're lining up 2 hours ahead in line, then is it now more than 3 hours if you show up while they're open (last time I was there it was about 2 1/2)? Given what I said above, at some point there just aren't enough hours in one evening for a working man to go, regardless of how much I enjoy lounging in the bar!

              1. re: themis

                Not 3p, more about 4p-4:15 when I was there two weeks ago on a Friday. Didn't quite make the first seating, but only had to wait about the length of time it took us to drink a bottle of wine on the bar patio. Altogether quite pleasant.