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May 17, 2007 11:41 AM

Private rooms for a large party in Calgary?

I'm trying to find a place for 16-20 people to celebrate a birthday.

We want good food and reasonably quiet so we can talk to each other, and a place where we can stay awhile. It doesn't have to be a private room, but don't like places with a lot of echoing (like Teatro's in their dining room).

I'm leaning heavily toward getting the private room at Centini's, but I wanted to explore other avenues as well. Has anyone tried it out?

I haven't gone out with a large group for a while, so I thought I would see if anyone else could relate any experiences they've had with group functions. For example, has anyone been to River Cafe or Muse for group functions?


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  1. Check out the private room in the basement of the Living Room. It's a nice atmosphere. River Cafe for a function like this wouldn't be on my radar. Cheers!

    1. Hmm...did you look into the wine rooms at either Divino or Bonterra? I've attended dinners in both and the space is great. I'm not sure about per hear mins or room charge.

      1. I've had a group function of about 20 people at Tony Roma's in Crowfoot. The room is a loft located at the back of the restaurant. Ask to speak to the Manager and he will arrange it so that you will have your own waiter and the door can be shut so you can have privacy. Also the music from the rest of the restaurant can be turned off in the room so that everyone could hear each other. We had a very successful gathering at that restaurant. Also, the food is pretty good. Lunch time is easier to book the room than at dinner time. Hope this helps.

        ETA: There is also a private room for about 20 people in the basement of Luciano's at Stadium Shopping Centre. I've held functions there. There are some mismatched furniture in there. If you are not picky, it's OK.

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          Luciano's is closed now. It's the new NW location of the Red Water Rustic Grill.

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            I was just at the Red Water Rustic Grill (old Luciano's) for lunch today, they kept the private room at the basement. Their private room at Macleod Tr is quite nice too.

        2. Thanks for all the replies. I think I'm going to go with the new "Opera" private room at Teatro's. It used to be the old Auburn, but I guess they took it over. A really nice room, very spacious. Also no minimum charge! Plus the function menu looks pretty good. Will keep everyone posted.

          1. an off the beaten path suggestion - Willow Park Wines and Spirits main store on Macleod Trail has a mezzanine area that you can book for private functions. they have a roster of chefs that they can contract to cater your event and you're assured of great wine pairings. The space is flexible - you can do a sit down meal, a cooking party - wonderful open kitchen, or a multi-station wine tasting event. Just organized a dinner party for 30 recently and was very pleased with the turn out.