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In NYC, which bar/pub has the biggest selection of imported beers?

I´d like to know good places to drink imported beer in NYC.Tks.

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  1. Has to be the Gingerman on 36th between 5th and Madison

    1. Gingerman probably wins in the quantity department, but I really like Valhalla on 54th and 9th, if they don't have it on tap, they'll have it by the bottle.

      1. You may also want to look into Cafe D'Alsace - has a wide variety and even a beer "sommelier".

        1. Gingerman is good. DBA in the lower east side also has a great selection.

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              Puck Fair has plenty enough for me. Plus a lot of them are in the $5 range.

            2. Gingerman is upthere. Peculier pub is another choice. More Belgian oriented are Vol de Nuit and Burp Castle.

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                Yes - Peculier Pub has a great selection - not to mention the prices are terrific. But the caveat is that it's heavily trafficked by a NYU undergrad crowd so depending on one's point of view it could be a more/less appealing option.

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                  School is out!!! As a matter of fact I was very happy to enjoy a slow night at Vol de Nuit the other day devoid of NYU undergrads.

              2. What kind of imported beers do you have in mind?

                Bottles? Taps? Belgian? German? Wide international selection or more focused on fewer specific types?

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                  Yes I agree it's a very vague question particularly with the scene today including so many local craft. So we are specifically looking for imports and not American micro? I'm not trying to get into a debate I'm just looking for clarity.

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                    Brewsky's in the EV had a large selection of international beers but I think they closed.

                  2. Resto, that new belgian place on 29th just east of Lex, has a huge selection of belgian beers. and the bartenders are well versed in how to explain what they taste like, and they'll even give you a sample.

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                      I know it's an outer borough, but c'mon, williamsburg is closer to manhattan than most of manhattan is... Spuyten Duyvil has an enormous selection of belgians.

                      There's Hop Devil and Belgian Room (though eater suggested they may be having some SLA difficulties).

                      The Room, The Otheroom and Anotheroom also typically have a good selection of beers, many imports and some american crafts.

                      Gingerman may have the largest selection in town. I was there back in march and surprisingly it was NOT full of suited midtown clowns. It was rather nice.

                    2. CheeseManiac:
                      You've posted queries about three Trappist Cheeses: Chimay, Orval, and Maredsous, and now one about "imported" beers. Is there some grand beer-cheese pairing scheme at work here? And can I be invited?

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                        It´s just because I am a big fan of Belgian beers and Trappist cheese and I am going to NYC in a few months. So I want to find good places where I can find them both. : )))

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                          Check out Jimmy's no 43. The space is great, the beers are good and they have a yummy cheese plate. Sometimes they have special events that are really good.


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                            for belgian beer, the manhattan spots are good - belgian room, vol de nuit, etc..but Spuyten Duyvil in williamsburg has them all beat hands down. they also do a cheese plate.


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                              Spuyten Duyvil has a great selection of Belgian bottles, but their taps are extremely limited.

                              For Belgian beers on tap (in Manhattan):
                              Burp Castle (7th street btwn 2nd Ave and Cooper Square)
                              the Belgian Room (St. Marks near Avenue A)
                              DBA often has a Belgian or two on tap (1st Ave btwn 2nd and 3rd streets)

                              All of the above also have fantastic selections of bottled Belgian beer. DBA has a very well curated bottle selection from all over the place.

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                                Oh yeah, and DBA has free cheese (good stuff) at the bar on Mondays.

                        2. I can't believe no one mentioned the new Blind Tiger! It reopened on Bleeker just east of 7th ave. Awesome brews, often some belgians (they actually feature special bunches of kegs from specific breweries, or specific parts of the world, on Wednesdays, most of which are still around on Thurs/Fri). They have about 18 or so taps I think. They have cheese, they actually serve food now, and it's all very cheese-oriented.

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                            I thought of them too but the OP asked specifically for "imports" and I believe that Blind Tiger is big(ger) on American micro than anything else.

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                              Right on, Chinon. As of the last website update, only 2 of Blind Tiger's taps (Aventinus and Schenkerla Helles -- both German) were imports. They focus almost exclusively on American craft beers.
                              Still, they serve food til 2am, and have real cask beer. . . worth checking out. . .