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May 17, 2007 11:19 AM

Zu Robata on Wilshire - Any word?

anyone know when Zu Robota on Wilshire (near Bundy in WLA) is opening?

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    1. Pros = Stunning interior - great food - fantastic staff - great location

      Cons = Price, especially the drinks - $10 for beer and $13 for the cheapest wine! too pricey

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        1. re: AlabasterDisaster

          We (a group of 5) stopped by around 9:30pm after having dinner in the area. It was a Tuesday night and we just wanted a drink or two --- Raku is closed on Tuesdays and 2 of the 5 just had dinner at Musha, so we said why not?

          The space was larger than I thought! Nice interior with large tables and chairs, very nice bar area; I could totally see this place in Hollywood or Santa Monica (meaning it has that kind of ambience, but very calm at the same time, a bit too dark I thought as I tried to read the menu). Since it was 9:30pm, there were only a few parties left and a few at the bar. I was hoping to have some shochu as I had read somewhere that they serve them, but they were all served in the form of mixed drinks (boo). So I ended up ordering the Pomtini which was a bit too sweet, kind of like fruit punch. The other girl order a Pineapple Lemon Drop, which was also closer to a fruity dessert cocktail with very little alcohol. I admit, they are very creative with their cocktails (watermelon, two different blueberry ones, mango, passion fruits, orange, etc.) but it would've been nice if they offered just shochu. BTW, the cocktails were served in a very unique "Y" shaped glass, where the stem usually is just the stem, but this one allowed for the drink to be poured all the way down to the very bottom, if you know what I mean. I could've probably used that glass to serve a cute parfait :)

          As capecod114 said, all of the items on the menu are a bit pricey. Of the few things we ordered, I asked for "shio" (salt) instead of "tare" (sauce) for my yakitori and tsukune (chicken meatballs) --- I think the waiter was confused because he said "Ummm...ok, ok, I'll bring both the salt and sauce on the side, how's that?" So they both came in little bowls. That's not what I wanted, but oh well. (When ordering yakitori, you can typically choose HOW they are prepared - either with salt or sauce, but you don't really 'dip' them into sauce at the table....)

          There's really nothing wrong with the place except that it's a bit pricey (no wonder they serve water in nice Riedel "O" glasses!), but if I want to go to an izakaya, I think I have other options nearby. If I was in charge of hosting a company party or function for 60-80 people and the budget allowed for it, I could possibly put this place on the list (fun drinks and small plates always work for parties).

          BTW, I asked the waiter what "Zu" stands for (I had to ask because I'm Japanese!) and he said "for Yuzu". I was like "?" Weird. You never shorten yuzu to just "zu" in Japanese.