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May 17, 2007 11:16 AM

DAL: Yutaka Recommendations?

Going to Yutaka for the first time and need some recos...Hopefully is as good or better than my current favorite Sushi Sake. Thanks Hounds!!

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  1. I actually had the great fortune of going with Dotty Griffith on one of her very last reviews, and to say that the food was stunning would be an understatement. However, I don't know what has changed, so I can only give you two pointers.

    1. Everything was fantastic.
    2. Be prepared to wait. The space is very small and they do not take reservations.

    1. the kobe beef dish still makes me weak in the knees whenever i think about it. thinly sliced slivers of kobe beef and baby bok choy are presented accompanying a hot stone bowl. place the veggies and a strip of beef in the bowl to cook...make sure you don't overcook the beef! the black cod miso dish is EXACTLY like Nobu's. All their sashimi and sushi are of high quality.

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        Sorry, Yutaka fans. We went there for the first time yesterday, but don't think we'll go back.

        We had lunch (but spent $100 for two), so our experience may not be comparable
        to those who had dinner there.

        Lunch Box B (miso cod) was a big disappointment (in my man's words "it was highway robbery!")
        -Kakiage (tempura) was totally unacceptable. (Kakiage is supposed to look and taste like that at Sushiyama)
        -Miso soup didn't taste like miso soup--the bonito flavor had taken it over.
        (Never had miso soup like that in my life. Instant miso soup tastes much better!)

        -Sushi was better than non-sushi dishes, but nothing special. Not worth a drive from Richardson. I hear Yutaka is an experienced sushi chef, but the way the sushi was formed and rolled was questionable to me--the rice was falling apart.

        As far as the freshness of the fish is concerned, I think Seabose is better. (That's even though Seabose's sushi rice is still an American version--not authentically seasoned.)

        I had great Japanese food in Charlotte (NC) last week, so the contrast was vivid.
        (I was traveling with my client from Japan and they were pleased with the food. I don't think they'd be pleased with Yutaka's food.)

        It's just that it's hard to find a local restaurant that pleases a native palate...

        1. re: kuidaore

          We've been twice and loved it both visits. Go for dinner...

          1. re: BellaDonna

            I agree, been to Yutaka a few times for lunch & a few times for dinner. Dinner is far better. I think prices are the same for sushi/sashimi at both lunch & dinner & at lunch they offer a few lunch specials & bento boxes. Lunch is sloppy compared to dinner, like it's an afterthought. I also recomment sitting as close to the front of the restraurants as possible. On the last two lunch visits I was initially seated at the sushi bar close to the back of the restaurant, there war a rather strong smell of old deep frier oil. Looks like they do all the cooking out front behind the counter. Was very unappetizing, especially when eating sushi. I asked to move they were accomodating.