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May 17, 2007 10:17 AM

Has anyone been to XYZ in the W Hotel lately?

I have a cousin visiting from the mid-west for a convention. He's staying at the W Hotel and we are meeting for dinner on Friday night.

The easiest thing would be to have dinner at the hotel's resaurant.

Is it any good?

As an alternative, could we sit at the bar and eat there or it that too loud for conversation? If so, what would you recommend?

Is there something better within a two block walk of the W hotel? I don't want to complicate things with cab rides or a longer walk than that.

Thank you for any suggestions.

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  1. I've never eaten there, but I've stayed at the W on occasion, and I can't say that I find the ultra trendy vibe that the hotel cultivates at all encouraging. The bar gets plenty loud in the early evening, but not so loud that you couldn't have a conversation, I don't think.

    I do like the Thirsty Bear brew pub that's on Howard and only a block or two away from the W. Not all of the food hits, but it's pretty decent, Spanish/Spanish influenced, tapas style, pretty reasonably priced and the beer is good. If you want to sit at a real table, with your feet touching the floor, you probably want reservations, but the high, bar tables seem to be open seating in the evenings.

    1. I'm surprised carrie hasn't chimed in yet. She's the board's resident expert on XYZ and not a fan. I went long ago and found it unexceptional for the price and way too precious for me.

      Up the street on Third is Pazzia, a nice Italian Place. There is also that upscalish Vietnamese place on the corner of Third and Folsom that gets good reviews on the board.

      I'm not an expert on Thai food but I always liked Cha-Am on the corner of Folsom & Third too ... however it has its detractors on the board. I'd go wih Pazzia. I liked it a lot.

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        The Vietnamese place is probably Bong Su? I had lunch there the other day, and thought the food was prettier than it was tasty--but it was hella pretty, so that's not a knock on the tastiness. Seemed expensive, especially for lunch, but I wasn't paying the bill, so I'm not sure. We had an appetizer combo that was called something like Bong Su taste that was really quite good--a variety of very different rolls with accompanying sauces.

      2. Restaurant Lulu is nearby, and while it isn't the hottest scene in the city, their menu items from the wood-fired grill tend to be pretty good and there is a nice bar inside.

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        1. re: grishnackh

          I'll second grishnachk on Lulu. I was there and at XYZ last week during a conference. I ate at the bar at Lulu and the bartender spotted me my second glass of wine. Meanwhile, at XYZ -- rworange has got it right -- food is fine, nothing stunning, and quite pricey for what it is. I had the beet salad and the filet ($40) and it couldn't have been bigger than 2.5 inches square. Go for Lulu.

        2. Two (used to be "Hawthorn Lane") across the street on Hawthorn Lane & Howard St. is pretty good. You don't have to go too far from the W.

          Also, Fly Trap (on Folsom & 2nd St) has great food (also happy hr drinks and oysters). On Thur. & Fri. there is live piano/jazz music/singing.

          Another one called the Salt House, on Mission St. b/t 1st & 2nd Street. It has the best lamb (nicely marinated before cooking) I've ever had.

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            Salt House is a good choice, as is Roy's and Townhall which are nearby as well.