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May 17, 2007 10:09 AM

Sibling Rivalry - horrible disappointment - TWICE!

Does anyone out there have any info on Sibling Rivalry? It pains me to trash them as I have been there several times and had wonderful experiences.

Sunday went there for Mother's Day brunch with a party of seven. We had a reservation and were seated promptly. My sis was having a rough morning and ordered a Bloody Mary immediately. We then sat there for 10 mintues before the waiter returned to tell us they were having a "bar emergency" and drinks would be up shortly. After *15 minutes* we were given five menus (again, there were seven of us) and our drinks. The limited menu included such offerings as blueberry pancakes for $24. To say the food was sub-par is being generous. My partner found a hair in his salad, the squid appetizer was gummy, and the waiter turned out to be one of those magical "disappearing waiters" that takes your order and is never heard from again. I actually had to chase him down and hand him my credit card to get our bill (they weren't that busy).

To their credit the manager came over and apologized for the hairy salad and removed it from our bill. They also did not charge us for one order of pancakes which we had asked for plain. Of course had they charged us $24 for a plate with six silver-dollar sized plain pancakes it would have been appalling.

Went their again last night for a quick drink and apps before going to a play next door. It was the same - poor service and our apps were mediocre. Such a disappointment.

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  1. It's funny, I am always pleasantly surprised when I go to Sibling Rivalry. I do think their items are a bit pricey, but we always sit in the bar area, order a few different apps, maybe an entree, and share it all. In fact, I was just there last night. We ordered tuna tartare (spectacular); crab cakes (excellent, not too bready at all); the halibut entree (i actuallly didn't try this but it looked good..!) and the fried calamari..which has a bit of an asian twist and comes with sort of a sweet/spicy dipping sauce. (this was good, lightly fried in an almost tempura-like batter..) We also enjoyed the bread basket --filled with some of my favorite Irish soda bread..mmm. Our waitress was EXTREMELY friendly, knowledgable and accomodating.
    I've never gone here and eaten in the dining room --and I probably never will. I like sitting in the more casual bar, ordering a few drinks, a few apps, and not feeling like I've just dropped a wad of cash....esp b/c I think their apps far outshine their entrees.