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Freezable breakfast ideas?

Hi All,

I am having a lot of family come to town in 2 weeks and would like some ideas of what I could pull out of the freezer for breakfast. Individual servings (breakfast burritos, for example, but I don't know if they freeze well) would be a bonus so people could grab something as they wake up. I know I can do a strata overnight, but this is for 4-5 days for 10 or so people. I just know there are some great ideas lurking out there.


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  1. make a pan of blintzes! you could vary the filling flavors, and many prefer sour cream with them
    variety of muffins, croissants, danishes, breakfast bread, bagels with variety flavors of cream cheese

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      Ditto for pancakes- they freeze quite well.

    2. I love to figure out make ahead breakfasts!
      Here's what I've done before...Individual quiche cups with whatever you have on hand: ham, cheese, spinach, onions peppers. I have never froze them, but have refrigerated up to 2 day ahead. I put them in a low oven to warm up, along with bacon crisped beforehand. While they're warming, I'm putting out plates, utensils, bagels/bread and jellies etc.
      It's no muss, no fuss and really fills them up.
      Waffles: great to make ahead, freeze, then pop in a toaster to get them warm and crisp. Again transfer to a warming oven. Since your not making them from scratch, grab a bag of frozen berries and make a berry coulis with the free time.
      Breads: Banana bread freezes very well. I put out a loaf for guests to begin with along with thier coffee and juice. Keeps them busy while I'm getting the mains on the table.

      1. My slightly crazy aunt raised four sons and when they moved out she hated to give up making huge breakfasts. She found that anything that is cooked until there is a low moisture content freezes and reheats really well. I often stop by and she'll pull a few slices of French Toast or pancakes or waffles out of the her enormous freezer and zap them to an almost-as-good as fresh made state. She cooks like that about once a month. She also makes coffee in a 30 cup samovar and freezes that in ice cube trays. THAT is another story...

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          I think that frozen waffles would be your best bet. you can make plenty of them and
          almost everyone likes them, you could serve them with sausage patties or bacon
          or ham. it would be easy to fix for that many people. I think you can do it right.

        2. Waffles! Cook, cool completely on a wire rack, then stack in a freezer container w/ waxed paper between each waffle. Guests can take 'em out of the freezer, stick 'em in the toaster, and cover in syrup/jam/cream cheese/whatever. Mmmm...

          1. I freeze breakfast sandwiches -- scrambled egg, bacon and cheese on an English muffin.

            1. Breakfast burritos freeze very well. As long as you have all the fillings of the burritos cooked then all you need to do is to reheat them in the morning.

              You can also make some smoothies and put them in individual bottles and freeze them. Great way to wake up in the morning with a frozen smoothie!

              1. Thanks! I had forgotten about waffles; but it now makes me remember crepes. The burrito and egg muffin sandwiches sound intriguing. Any other frozen thoughts? Has anyone frozen a quiche? Cooked or uncooked?

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                  Quiche freezes well, fully cooked.

                  You can make biscuits or cinnamon rolls in advance. Another possibility is turnovers or calzoni - similar concept, one sweet, one savoury.

                  Croissants are great, too, but a bit of a hassle to make. You could buy them frozen, though.

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                    I have boys too and always sent them off to school with a warm breakfast. The burritos and mcmuffins are terrific and so easy to put together, just remember to double wrap. First in the plastic then foil. Remove the plastic and rewrap with the foil, then heat in the microwave or slow oven.
                    Another one is biscuits and gravy and they will freeze and reheat nicely.You can do a large batch of both if you want to make your own biscuits.
                    Breakfast pizzas ham, egg, cheeses and sausage all freeze well and you can make your own pizza dough for the extra touch, reheat in oven.
                    Eggs seem to freeze ok, and if you use cheese, low moisture. Cheddars and jack is what I normally used.

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                      Re: reheating breakfast sandwiches - don't put foil in the microwave.

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                        how about having a big ham...people can make sanwiches or have it on biscuits and it last about 10 days in the frige.

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                          Yes thanks for reminding, wrap is for the freeze to keep it nice and fresh, and then rewrap the sandwich or whatever. Take the plastic off if you need the oven and take the foil off if you microwave. sorry!