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May 17, 2007 09:44 AM

Victoria visit....

Will be in Victoria in June for our 20th wedding aniv. Looking for your recomendations for the best romantic place for dinner. View not so important as an intimate setting with excellent service, and of course spectacular food. Did a search but most of the post are a few years old, just wondering if there is anything new...


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  1. dcatwater:

    Congrats on getting to 20th year mark. My "significantly better" and "long suffering" half are working toward that milestone...or was that a "millstone around ones neck"? year.

    For intimate settings I would recommend the Rosemeade Dining Room in the Olde English Inn in Esquimalt or Camille's, downstairs off Bastion Square in Victoria.

    I have not been to Matisse but it may "fit the bill" but I have not read anything about it in this or other "foodie" web-sites.

    If you do not mind driving, the dining room in the Aerie resort off the Malahat is beautiful or the Deep Cove Chalet would be nice.

    My favourite Victoria restaurants are Brasserie L'Ecole, Cafe Brio and Zambri's but they are popular busy spots which may not afford the intimacy you are looking for but the food and wine will certainly please.

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    1. re: Bob Mac

      As usual I agree with Bob. I have not been to Rosemeade or the Aerie but I have heard very good things about Camille's. I agree that Brasserie and Cafe Brio are absolutely wonderful but they might be too busy - depends on what nght you get it. Brasserie's wine list is outstanding.

      Congratulations on your anniversary!

    2. I'd highly recommend Matisse.

      1. I absolutely have to second the Rosemeade recommendation. The food is excellent and, with the exception of one visit when the waitress was new and seemed nervous, the servers are usually very knowledgeable and attentive. You can find the menu here: . The decor is modern but warm with dark wood and clean lines and the restaurant overlooks part of the garden of the tudor-style inn.

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