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May 17, 2007 09:23 AM

Katz's Deli is closing?!

An article in nymag said that Katz may close for development of condo. While it may not be permanently, they may not re-open until the condo is built.

Your thoughts?

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  1. These rumors have been circulating for quite a while now. It would be a shame if it happened but certainly not a surprise. We can only hope if it does happen that Katz's will reopen.

    1. Please lord say it aint so....I haven't finished clogging my arteries, yet..........

      1. Are you KIDDING? First Kiev, then Ratners, then my beloved Second Avenue Deil and now Katz?

        Where do people go for great deli in NYC nowadays? (and don't tell me The Stage which is mediocre or Carnegie which might as well be Disney World's "DeliLand."

        I live in Manhattan, but now look forward to trips to LA so I can get some decent deli.


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        1. re: BW212

          Well, you don't have to travel all the way to LA to get good deli. While I'm a fan of Katz's, I'm also a huge fan of The Mill Basin Deli, in Brooklyn. Excellent!

          1. re: BW212

            Where in LA do you actually get good deli????

            Sarges has good matzao ball soup

            1. re: rdflig

              Hi All--please discuss LA suggestions in a new thread on the LA Board as these are off topic here.

            2. re: BW212

              I lament the loss of the Carnegie and Stage as they once were. Now they are "faux-delis", with insane prices where tourists can experience the location where once a real deli existed, and little else of the original thing. Isn't the 2nd Ave Deli supposed to be re-inventing itself on 33rd & First Ave.?

              1. re: sing me a bar

                actually i walked by the location the other day (it's in the "old" marabella tapas spot) and it looked like significant work had been done. deli counter is in, blonde wood walls, etc. still says marabella outside though.

                1. re: jon

                  At least 2nd Avenue Deli is opening in November on 33rd between Lexington and 3rd!

                  1. re: italianwife

                    Thanks for the news! That makes me soooooooo happy!! 2nd Ave deli is my favorite restaurant!

                  2. re: jon

                    I have been waiting for months for this news!! Somehow Katz's (other than the pastrami) never lived up to Second Ave Deli. Now the countdown to November begins...

                2. re: BW212

                  Russ and Daughters started offering chicken and matzoh ball soup when Second Avenue Deli closed. Second Avenue Deli MUST return.

                3. On a good day, Sarge's has world-class corned beef and great hot dogs.

                  1. Whether it's true or not, nothing's permanent. Those of us who dig Katz's should enjoy it while it lasts, and be happy that it's still here.

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                    1. re: Polecat

                      what does everyone think of artie's on broadway and 83rd? i don't think it's that bad.
                      that's the best we have uptown. yes, i've been to katz's and 2nd ave deli but i really don't think this place is so far off from these places. perhaps it was the atmosphere that bugged me at katz's and 2nd ave. resulting in an under-appreciation of the food.

                      1. re: nativeNYer

                        I like Artie's franks, but their pastrami doesn't compare to Katz's (the current gold standard).

                        BTW, I liked 2nd Ave for general deli goodness, but I fear their reopening will be disappointing; the main question is who's going to be managing the new place, and what level of commitment they have to the traditional high quality deli 2nd Ave used to be.