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May 17, 2007 09:21 AM

Fraiche in Culver City

After all rave reviews I keep hearing about this place we got reservations for dinner tonight. Any recommendations on what to get??


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Here are some comments from a previous post that describes a few items:
      housemade Merquez sausage with harissa, stunning in both heat and flavor and a plate of the best prosciutto this side of A.O.C. The rest of the evening did not disappoint. A Kurobata pork chop for a reasonable $26 perfectly offset a pork osso bucco agnolotti (big words for a small portion) for an equally reasonable $12. Beets were served with creamy burrata and hazelnuts while a farro salad burst with citrus and peppers for $10 and $9 respectively. A beautiful rhubarb tart with an orange sorbet spiked with vanilla ice cream completed the evening at $8.
      The farro salad was wonderful - highly recommendable, yet something you might typically overlook.
      Enjoy and report back.

      1. The braised lamb entree and steak/frites were both great.

        Don't forget the wine list, too - bottles are extremely well priced for a restaurant and they have some great selections. Search the board and you'll find some glowing posts with details on the menu and wine items.

        1. After all the steakhouse recommendations I solicited, I ultimately wound up making reservations for my husband's dinner at Fraiche for tomorrow night. Fingers crossed...

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            The hangar steak at Fraiche was delicious, in case your husband wants a steak anyway. My husband's verdict was "so-so" on the accompanying frites, I didn't taste them. Maybe order them well-done, he neglected to do that and he usually does. They didn't look underdone but they weren't as toasty as he would usually like. I loved my Kurobota pork chop too.

          2. The wine list is great. Standout dishes were my monkfish "francaise" as my main dish, and my partner's appetizer of beets, mache lettuce, sheep's milk cheese and hazelnuts was awesome. Her main dish of cod came lukewarm and even a bit cold in spots, and my asparagus soup with tiny scallops was good but not fantastic.

            We had the dessert cookie assortment and really liked that.

            We are going back tomorrow with veggie friends, who will presumably have the english pea sformato and the white gazpacho (which I am also very eager to try).

            Overally, this was a very positive dining experience. Food was very high quality and we did not experience the service problems that others have reported.