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May 17, 2007 09:11 AM

Carvers in Glendale AZ

It's been recommended for my Mother's 80th birthday dinner. Does anyone know if it's too casual? Food as good as they say? Prime rib the thing to order?

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  1. I went there once in the 90's. This was back when there wasn't much up in the NW Valley. Wait...there still isn't.

    Where exactly are you coming from - what part of town? There may be good alternatives that aren't too far from you.

    Mom deserves something special :)

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    1. re: mamamia

      You're right... we're coming from Corta Bella in Sun City West.

      1. re: vewyfunny

        Hey those in the know....aren't there some higher end spots in the area of 67th/Beardsley?

        1. re: mamamia

          O.K. I haven't tried this place but it's definitely upscale according to their website ,It's right off the 101 and Bell.Not far from Carvers actually.
          Vewyfunny, if you happen to go there be sure and let us all in on how the place is.