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May 17, 2007 09:09 AM

San Antonio Grocery Stores

I am going down to San Antonio in a few weeks, and whenever I travel I love visiting grocery stores. It is my version of visiting a museum as a way to get to know a city. I know about Central Market and HEB, but am also interested in what else is there. I am especially interested in finding an excellent grocery store that carries hard-to-find products from Mexico. Please let me know what stores I need to see.

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  1. I lived in SA for two years. There's a whole range of stores on the city's heavily-Latino West Side called "Culebra Meat Market" (Culebra Meat Market #1, #2, etc.), but I'm not sure if they carry groceries or not. They are an institution in SA, though.

    Also on Culebra, I think near where it forks off with Bandera (this is on the West Side, too), there's a big-box type supermarket called "La Fiesta." It always seemed to be packed.

    If you're looking for more mom-and-pop type stores, your best bet might be just trolling around the West Side. The main streets are Culebra, Zarzamora. W. Commerce, Bandera and General McMullen.

    1. There's a small market I frequent off Fredericksburg Rd. by 410 (inside the loop) called Fiesta Market.
      It's behind a shopping center that has a Big Lots in it.
      Real deal little Mexican market with produce, cheeses, fruits and spices.
      There's a big swap meet there on weekend.
      It's located in the back of the shopping center, you'll have to drive around it.
      Speaking of which there's also Michoacana Market in that same strip.
      We also have Sun Harvest stores.